iPad 3 updates and iPad Mini


Since a lot are dying to know more about what the next big thing for Apple, and in this case, the iPad 3, PCWorld has compiled all rumours and speculations so far on this illusive tablet.

One of the most interesting features that the iPad 3 is said to be boasting about is the “Retina Display” which will improve the current resolution to 2024-by-1536. Richard Shim, a DisplaySearch analyst informs CNet that production for this has begun.

As to under its hood, speculations say that this latest tablet from the Cupertino-based company will be sporting a new chip, and will probably be dubbed as the A6. Rumors on whether this new processor will be dual-core or a quad-core are still inconclusive.

Rumors on the iPad 3’s appearance are leaning towards a thicker body said to accommodate the Retina display. Reports also say that the new tablet will have a smaller dock connector.

With the Kindle Fire’s unbelievable rise to popularity, talks on Apple releasing an “iPad mini” are also circulating the web. DisplaySearch’s Shim has said that the company has an eye on entering the 7-inch display arena, specifically the 7.85-inch screen, to compete with more affordable tablets like the Kindle. Release on this smaller version of the popular iPad is scheduled in the later part of 2012, reports say.

Can’t wait for iPad 3? Predictions on the market release of Apple’s newest eye candy vary. Richard Garner of Citi says it is slated to be launched in February while DigiTimes sets the date a month later. Linley Gwennap meanwhile says that the release will probably be on the 2nd half of 2012 due to the new processor.

Image Credit: ipad3now.com