Seven-inch tablet LCDs outsell 9.7-inch panels


A report from Taiwan’s DigiTimes claims that purchases from 7-inch panels has surpassed orders for 9.7-inch LCD panels. This indicates that smaller tablets like the Kindle Fire and the Nook tablet has increased their production.

Shipments for the smaller LCD panels reportedly grew by 17 percent in November. So does this mean that Apple is losing their thrown to its smaller competitors?

Maybe not.

The report also explains that the purchases for 9.7-inch panels have decreased as Apple is readying to migrate to their next generation iPad (iPad 3 maybe?) which are supposedly slated for release early next year.

“As for 9.7-inch panel, due to Apple reportedly being ready to launch the next-generation iPad in the first half of 2012, the company’s purchasing of the panel for the existing model dropped in November, but may start pick up again as the company will need to prepare panels for the new models,” the report read.

But although this might be true, Apple would not be relaxing their reins still as Amazon’s tablet has definitely carved their share of users and already surpassing the millionth mark in sales.

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