Merchants paid people to queue for iPad


How far would you go just for you to get your hands on the latest gadget that is taking the world by storm?

Well, in London, individuals went an extra mile by paying individuals to stand in line for them just so that they could have a piece of Apple’s latest tablet.

People desperate enough to pay their way to owning one hired persons to queue for them in their bid to circumvent Apple’s rule on iPad purchases which states that no 1 individual can buy two iPads at once.

This didn’t come as a deterrent to individuals who can afford the extra headcount.

Some believe that these individuals are going to sell the extra device on the black market for a hefty amount. This is because the iPads are only available to 10 countries as of its release.

According to one individual who hired persons to help him buy the iPad, “I hope to get around 70 iPads today. I will be sending them on to India. The guys who are queuing get 10 pounds or 20 pounds for a day’s work. This is not illegal.”

But not all those who waited in line were business minded individuals. A lot of them are genuine Apple fanatics who wanted to own the latest version of the tablet.


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