Heat problem on the latest iPad?


Heat is one issue that previous versions of the iPad have. As we see the dawning of the latest version, we kept our fingers crossed that the issue has already been fixed.

Unfortunately, the new one has its own heat problems. Around the Web, forums have been flooded by heating issues of the “iPad”. Though complaints have been far less compared to the previous versions, the fact that some Apple fanatics experience this problem is a major issue.

According to the forums, the heat is being conducted by the lower left corner portion of their units.

And some individuals experience having their new toys automatically shutting down and a message that reads “the iPad needs to cool down”.

The latest version of the tablet integrates both a larger battery and a faster chip. Those are two of the primary differences that differentiate it from its predecessors. Just like all other iOS mobile products, this device doesn’t have a built in fan that can cool it.

A report from Anecdotal suggests that during the launch of the iPad that this device can get a little “toasty”.

But this is nothing new as the two previous versions have the same problem. Though we thought that they have fixed the problem already.