iPad 3 already in full production in China?


Looks like iPad aficionados need not wait a lot more further to get their hands on the latest version of this popular device.

According to a report from Bloomberg, who cited an unnamed source in their article, the latest version of this popular device is in full production in China. The latest iPad will be touting a much better screen than your normal television set, 4G capability and excellent video graphics.

Apple, Inc. has not replied to allegations being brought to their gadgets, which is not unusual for them. This latest development, if indeed true, is not going to come as a surprise since a lot of tablets were launched last week at the Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas.

Samsung, one of Apple’s chief rivals, presented a handful of devices during the CES. The two have been battling it out not only in the stores but also at the courts.

Android tablets have been slicing through the iPad’s market. And with the influx of a number of new Android tablets, Apple might be wary of its competitors.

Apple’s iPad 2, their current tablet, was released about a year ago.