Apple’s latest tablet is…iPad


iPad 3, iPad HD or simply iPad, Apple has yet again delivered.

Speculations before Apple unveiled its latest tablet were plenty. Will they call it iPad 3 or iPad HD. But Apple has decided to call it simply iPad.

Will this lead to confusion in the market because the iPad name is basically used as a generic term for Apple’s tablets? According to Matt Gordon, director of naming and writing for Landor Associates, “It does complicate things after the purchase. It’s also confusing with the device original iPad, down the road, as people have multiple generations of this device.”

But sticking with the name is nothing new to the California based tech company. The iPod hasn’t changed the name and even without attaching number to the name of the MP3 player even if they keep on updating the gadget.

Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing told reporters that to name the latest tab as iPad 3 “Would be so predictable. We’ve had many products where we’ve never used numbers. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t.”

The company earns 20% of their sales from the iPad. They upgraded the latest version of the tab with a sharper screen and a much better chip.