Google And Fitbit’s Alliance Is A Bit Risky


Alliance Between Google And Fitbit Is A Bit Risky

Fitbit’s health alliance with Google could be a risky experiment. These two companies introduced a new partnership on healthcare. Fitbit will expand shopper and endeavor well being answers that can use Google’s new Cloud Healthcare software programming interface.

Fitbit will additionally transfer to the Google Cloud Platform to innovate and advance its services. The Transfer will permit Fitbit to leverage Google Cloud’s infrastructure and security measures. This is in addition to Google’s synthetic intelligence and device studying functions, and its new predictive analytic algorithms.


Cloud Healthcare API

Google and Fitbit are exploring the development of consumer and enterprise health solutions. Fitbit intends to use Google’s new Cloud Healthcare API. This is to help the company integrate further into the healthcare system. This may include connecting user data with electronic medical records (EMR). This will provide the patients and clinicians a more comprehensive view of the patient profile, which will lead to more personalized care.

The companies will also look into help better manage chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes. This may be done by using Fitbit’s recently acquired Twine Health. Using Google’s Cloud Healthcare API, Twine can make it easier for clinicians and patients to collaborate on care, helping lead to better health outcomes and positive returns.

With this innovation by the two companies, they will have the opportunity to deliver up-to-date information to providers, enhancing their ability to follow and manage the health of their patients and guide their treatment.

Why The Alliance Between Google And Fitbit May Be Risky

There are two drawbacks to this deal. First, Fitbit customers will have privacy concerns. The partnership with Google increases the anxiety around that. Second, Google’s history with wearables is not exactly positive.

Healthcare is a sensitive topic. The potential opposite of health is death.