Photography : Tips to Make it Better


Making Your Photography Better

Making your photography better means you must not rely on its automatic mode. This is despite the common belief that your camera’s auto mode will let you take pictures without all the fuss with its settings. If you want pictures with better quality, spend time to fuss over your camera’s settings. To make your pictures better, here are some tips.

Hold Steady

Movement blurs your pictures. To avoid or minimize blurring of your pictures, here are some options:

• Use a tripod. A tripod keeps a camera steady. But not everybody has a tripod. And sometimes tripods are in inconvenience if have to bring them with you always. But there are still ways to take better pictures. Find a steady, level surface to put your camera on. The kitchen counter, a stack of books, or a table, may take the place of a tripod.

• Do not move. Keep still before, during, and after pressing the shutter button down. This will help minimize image blur. Digital cameras process images even after you press the shutter button. So it is advised that you keep still for several seconds after pushing the shutter button.

• Use the camera’s self-timer. This can be done if you are using a tripod or a level surface. You do not have to trouble yourself with pushing the shutter button since it might make you move. This will result to picture blur then if you move.


• Bring the camera closer to your body. Hold the camera with both hands and bring it as close to your eyes as possible. Do this if you are using the camera’s LCD screen to frame a picture. Tuck your elbows and your hands all the way in. You can minimize body movement this way.

• Focus on your subject. Before pressing the shutter button, you have to focus on the subject. Almost all digital cameras have an auto-focus feature. This is effective if you know how to use it properly.

• To zoom or not to zoom. It is not advisable to use your camera’s zoom feature. Why? Pictures taken using zoom is always pixelated. This is not a guarantee of a better quality image.

• Make a scene. This means using the camera’s scene mode. This will tell the camera what kind of an environment you are shooting. The camera then will adjust its settings to produce a better image.

• Flash yourself. Using a flash on a dark environment may make your image appear too intense. But low light or lack of it makes your pictures darker. There is a trick to it. Deactivate the flash and use the available light in the room. Then hold the camera steady for a few second after pressing the shutter button. You may not believe it, but flashes work better on bright conditions. Shadows on faces caused by sunlight may be eliminated by the flash. Use the “forced flash” mode to do this.

May these tips help you when you take photographs. These tips will make your images clearer and better.