Send iPhone videos to Twitter in a breeze has just released a new application that lets users with iPhone 3GS post videos they’ve taken directly from the device and affix these videos to their Twitter messages.

The app lets users record new videos or choose existing videos from their libraries. During an upload, a progress bar shows you how far the video has to go before its done.

The nice thing about this app also, is that TwitVid lets your followers start watching your video even if you’re still uploading it.

Pretty cool huh?


Apple Tablet available soon

Or at least that’s what some rumors say.

InfoTimes, a Taiwanese site, reported today (in Chinese) that Apple plans to release a tablet computer this October.

The report says that the tablet will have a 9.7-inch touchscreen, much more like an oversized iPod touch. The price is estimated to be around $800.

The release date also makes sense, as it will be closer to the holidays, making the tablet a must-have gift this Christmas.

The InfoTimes sources it report to various parts and manufacturing partners, adding more weight to the rumor. Apple however, is keeping mum about this supposedly “latest” project of theirs.

A blog from PCWorld guesses that the target market for the tablet will be “primarily entertainment users” but will also make it easier for people to do work on their tablets such as sending emails because of the bigger virtual keyboard.

Oh well, if this rumor indeed becomes a reality, y’all better start saving. 😉


The newest App Store from LG

As one article stated, app stores are the new black, and a very good example to that is the app store from Apple which has recently gotten lots of attention since celebrating its one year anniversary last week.

But enough from Apple now, as we focus on the newest app store in the block, the “LG Application Store” which released their plans for its home country (South Korea) last month. The store will be open this Tuesday.

LG’s app store will feature over a thousand applications, including 100 free program and available in 15 languages. These apps however, are only open to Singapore, Malaysia and Australia for the time being. Their move to open the store is one way to catch-up with other competitors in the smartphone arena.

This year, the company plans to release 80 mobile phones, 12 of which will be smartphones, around the world. LG’s app store will target Asia first, and will eventually roll out globally by the end of the year. They have no  plans however, to launch the store in the U.S.

Hmmmn, I wonder why that is 😉


More Wi-Fi smartphones from Sprint and Verizon

A good smartphone wouldn’t be that good without a Wi-Fi – well at least for those people who complained about the lack of Wi-fi for the RIM BlackBerry Tour 9630.

Sprint will amend this by requiring all of its future smartphones to have Wi-Fi capabilities, and that includes a release of a Wi-Fi-enabled BlackBerry Tour next year.

Jeff Clemow, Sprint’s director of business product marketing, said in an interview that they released the current version of the Tour to bring its lineup up to date.

Verizon Wireless also is working with RIM to bring more Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones to their lineup. They will also be releasing the BlackBerry Tour starting today for $199.99 but refused to comment as to whether a release of a Wi-Fi-capable one is on the works.


Wireless Store from Amazon launched

Amazon has launched a new website focusing on a specialist market – mobile phones! Yep, as mobile phones have increasingly been dominant in the gadget arena especially in these past couple of years, it’s a temptation that’s very hard to resist for the online store.

Amazon Wireless, which was announced yesterday, is a web site that offers cell phones and service plans from AT&T and Verison Wireless. Sprint will coming in soon too.

According to a blog from CNET News, the online store “features Amazon-style shopping, without the rebate hassles that cell phone carriers are notorious for, and free two-day shipping on a large selection of phones.”

The site is still on its beta phase though, and in addition to adding more carriers, they will are also testing different features and gathering input from customers to ensure the best possible customer experience.

“The step-by-step purchase process on Amazon Wireles makes it easy for customers who already have a plan to upgrade their phones.” Says Paul Ryder, vice president of Consumer Electronics for “If you want to establish new cell phone service, we’ve made it simple to find the right phone, service plan and options for your needs. We’ve also eliminated the technical jargon and frustrating rebate paperwork that customers often face when buying a phone.”

Pretty convenient eh?


Sony and Netflix join forces

Because Internet video capable HDTVs have sprouted in the market like mushrooms on a rainy day, giant company Sony has now teamed up with Netflix, an online  DVD and Blu-ray Disc rental service which offers online streaming to customers in the United States and flat-rate rental-by-mail.

Some Sony Bravia TV sets (those that are Internet video-capable anyway) now allow Netflix members who are under the unlimited subscription plan can use Sony Bravia’s Internet video-capable sets to watch more that 12,000 movies and TV episodes. This will be available online in the fall.

The models include any HDTVs compatible with Sony’s Bravia Internet Video Link which is a $199 add-on module available for many of Sony’s television released in the past two year and the currently shipping W5100, Z5100, and XBR9 series which is available in 40-, 46-, and 52-inch screen size.

Although Sony is among the early companies to offer HDTVs capable of connecting to the internet, they are not the first consumer electronics company to have a team up with Netflix though.  Microsoft with its Xbox360 videogame console, LG Electronics, Roku, Samsung, TiVo and Vizio already has a partnership with the online company.


Face recognition app for iPhone soon

Face recognition app for iPhone soon

Yup, Apple’s apps keeps getting cooler. The US Patent and Trademark Office published 33 new Apple patent applications yesterday – that’s 55 all in all, just for the month of July.

Among the apps included are flexible cabling, scrolling lyrics, and yup, two other fillings that are directly camera-related. So I guess the rumor going around the mill that iPod Touch will now have a camera is not far from becoming a reality.

The first app focuses on object identification targeted specifically for handhelds while the second app focuses on face recognition whose reach extend beyond your pocket.

The object identification filling as described by a blog from ComputerWorld is a “system in which a handheld’s camera captures an image of an object either in visual light or infrared, then compares that image with information stored over a network. The network then asks the you what information about that object you’d like to download, then provides it.”

The face recognition filling on the other hand “describes two different systems: one that merely checks for a face – any face – and a second that matches what it sees with a database of whom it knows.”

The system they say, can recognize its owner and thus, allowing you more access on the phone compared to others who just say, borrowed it from you.

Talk about cool, huh?


New LED-backlit LCD HDTV unveiled from Sharp

Sharp introduces its first LED sets from its Aquos line of HDTVs and is now available in the market at mainstream prices.

Sets using LED backlights improve black-level performance and uses less power when compared to those sets that use fluorescent-tubes. LG and Vizio has already realeased their own sets using this new technology, giving consumers more alternatives since LED backlighting used to be limited only to pricey sets such as Samsung and Sony.

One feature that this new set offers is the Aquos Advantage Live. This allows a Sharp customer service rep to remotely adjust the customer’s TV settings while on the phone with him or her.

The new models come in four sizes: the 32-inch LC-32LE700UN ($1,099.99), 40-inch LC-40LE700UN ($1,699.99), 46-inch LC-46LE700UN ($2,199.99), and 52-inch LC-52LE700UN ($2,799.99).

I doubt if it will take long before using LED backlighting becomes a standard feature on most LCDs and prices for these babies won’t be too high by then.


iPhone’s new competitor

T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G is now open for pre-orders and will be available starting August 5. The phone, which was announced by the company last month, is the second smartphone the carrier has introduced which uses Android, Google’s open-source mobile operating system.

MyTouch is thinner and slightly smaller that the G1 (the world’s first Google Android phone which came out last fall from the same carrier) and has a 3.2-inch touch screen. This phone also has 3G and Wi-Fi support and boasts pre-installed applications including integrated Google Apps. Users can also access the Android Market where they can browse the 5,0000 apps available for download.

Personalization is what they claim to have an edge over the iPhone. According to T-Mobile executives, no two MyTouches will be the same since users can customize their phones based on their own needs and lifestyles. Not only can they download applications, they can also make changes on their unit’s home screen such as change its background and even organize application icons on it.

Also, because the phone uses the Android software, users can easily switch between multiply applications that are open on the device and allows information from one application to be fed or viewed in another application.

“It will appeal to the same consumers that are interested in the iPhone,” said Denny Post, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at T-Mobile USA. “But the applications used on this phone won’t be just for show. They won’t simply be a novelty. Instead they will be very useful and purposeful.”

Ouch. Let’s hear what Apple has to say to that.


Have a buck? Buy a Netbook!

Have a buck? Buy a Netbook!

Yup, you read that right – a buck for a Netbook – no kidding.

With the advent of pint-sized computers, more and more computer companies are jumping in the bandwagon and producing their own Netbook models as demand for them increases.

Mega-retailer Best Buy and Sprint has joined forces and resulted to what could be the cheapest Netbook to date. Compaq Mini 110c-1040DX Netbook will be sold for 99 cents with a two-year service contract provided by the telecommunications company and will be available in participating Best Buy stores.

The Compaq Mini 110c-1040DX Netbook runs on a 1.6GHz processor and 160GB hard drive.

The 3G wireless service from Sprint will cost you $60 a month for the 5GB data monthly for two years. I’mma do a quick math here – so the netbook’s true cost would be $1,440.

Consumer response this plan however, is still shaky as they might be deterred of the overall pricing for the Netbooks with the two-year fixed data contract when they can surf the web for free if there are Wi-Fi spots available.

Best Buy also plans to sell the Netbook to Verizon Wireless and AT&T for $199.99, again, with a two-year lock-in period.