Palm Pre users: more options please!


According to a study conducted by Strategy Analytics, a Massachusetts-based research and consulting firm, a dozen respondents have both praises and complaints for the Palm Pre apps.

The mobile-savvy users were asked to spend at least five minutes browsing the Palm App Catalog and come up with five apps they were interested in.

And the results?

On the positive side, the users found the store’s interface was easy to navigate because of its straightforward design and searching for apps was easy and understandable.

The top five apps preferred by the respondens included Pandora Radio, Good Food — Restaurants Near You, AccuWeather, AP News and Craigslist.

The complaints? There weren’t enough apps available for choices. Hmmmn, maybe becasue at the time of the study, there were less than 60 apps in the Palm App Catalog.

Another complaint that the study found out is the confusing and vague pricing structure of the apps. Each app in the store displays “$Try Me” when its selected. According to the respondents, they were not sure if it was a trial or for purchase.

Well, as other smartphone app stores have over thousands of apps, Palm sure needs to come up with more than just 60 apps to impress those smartphone fans out there. What do you think?