PC sales drop while notebooks soar high


Well in a very fast-paced world where people are always on the go, its not that surprising that more and more opt to buy notebooks than desktop computers.

The research firm iSuppli says that PC sales worldwide are expected to fall 4 percent this year businesses also try to cut back on IT spending.

Mathew Wilkins, a principal analyst from iSuppli says that the annual decline in unit shipments is highly unusual in the PC market. “Even in weak years, PC unit shipments typically rise by single-digit percentages,” he adds.

And here are more numbers from wire.com for your reading pleasure: J

PC sales are expected to fall from 299.2 million last year to 287.3 million units this year.

Desktop sales are expected to fall 18.1 percent this year to 124.4 million from 151.9 million in 2008

Notebook sales are expected to grow 11.7 percent to 155.9 million units.

iSupply adds in their report that for the first time ever in 2009, notebook sales will exceed those of desktops on an annual basis.