Wireless Store from Amazon launched


Amazon has launched a new website focusing on a specialist market – mobile phones! Yep, as mobile phones have increasingly been dominant in the gadget arena especially in these past couple of years, it’s a temptation that’s very hard to resist for the online store.

Amazon Wireless, which was announced yesterday, is a web site that offers cell phones and service plans from AT&T and Verison Wireless. Sprint will coming in soon too.

According to a blog from CNET News, the online store “features Amazon-style shopping, without the rebate hassles that cell phone carriers are notorious for, and free two-day shipping on a large selection of phones.”

The site is still on its beta phase though, and in addition to adding more carriers, they will are also testing different features and gathering input from customers to ensure the best possible customer experience.

“The step-by-step purchase process on Amazon Wireles makes it easy for customers who already have a plan to upgrade their phones.” Says Paul Ryder, vice president of Consumer Electronics for Amazon.com. “If you want to establish new cell phone service, we’ve made it simple to find the right phone, service plan and options for your needs. We’ve also eliminated the technical jargon and frustrating rebate paperwork that customers often face when buying a phone.”

Pretty convenient eh?