Samsung to have their own Cloud Gaming Service


After releasing the phone dubbed by the gaming magazine: TheGamingMonitor as the “iPhone Killer”, Samsung is at it again after they announced their plans of entering the gaming industry with a Cloud Gaming Service.

To be powered by Gaikai, Samsung is going to stream games directly to users. This will remove the need for expensive gaming hardware.

Gaikai is already offering streaming game demos through their website. Samsung will be providing the UI and the games for their own Cloud Gaming service.

What Samsung is going to do is only purchase Bandwidth from Gaikai’s data centers. Samsung is going to pay the latter on a per-device basis for its service.

Unlike Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, Samsung is developing inexpensive and affordable cloud gaming. By removing the game console, they will be saving players a lot of money.

According to Gaikai Chief Executive David Perry, “Samsung will become a first party and we will power their game network. They will be the fourth major company. They are going after gaming.”

Gaikai’s servers are powered by Nvidia’s latest Kepler-based graphics chips.

Visuals and sound will be streamed to the users via a broadband connection. So anyone with a decent Internet connection and a good PC can instantly stream these games.

Can Samsung pull this off or would Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have the last laugh?

Cloud gaming is the gaming of the future, anyway!