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Nintendo’s Miyamoto not retiring yet

This is what Nintendo was quick to respond to on the report that Shigeru Miyamoto, one of their best guys, was quoted saying that he will be retiring. Wired magazine published quotes stating that he wanted to lighten his...

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Xbox 360: most-used game console

In  a recent study conducted by market researcher Nielsen, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is the most-used game console in America. The result was based on the console’s share of total usage minutes. The Xbox 360 got 23.1 percent of...

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Mickey Mouse’s dark side soon on Wii

Who doesn’t know Mickey Mouse? The iconic Walt Disney character has become a household name known to many as cute, happy-go-lucky mouse on different adventures. What others didn’t know, or forgot, is that the mischievous mouse...

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Sony PS3 finally get the top slot

Yep, after three years of trying to win out over its competitors, the Sony Playstation 3 was finally crowed the monthly top-selling video game console according to NPD. The video game analyst reported that Sony took the first...

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Project Runway goes to Wii

Fans of “Project Runway” will not only be able to watch the show in the small screen, they can now be a part of it – in a game, that is. Atari Inc. announced that it is developing a video game for Nintendo’s Wii based on the...

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