Intel releases second smartphone: The Orange San Diego


Is Intel trying to avoid large screen smartphones?

An Intel representative gave hints that the company believes that 4-inch screens are just about enough for smartphones branding larger screens as ridiculous.

Intel just recently joined the mobile market. Now, the company is releasing their second device. Dubbed as the Orange San Diego, it runs on Intel’s own Medfield processor.

Vice President of the Architecture Group of the Company Mike Bell said, “We actually think we built the right sized screen for the majority of people who don’t have hands the size of King Kong.”

“I personally think 5-inch screens on phones are ridiculous, I know not everybody agrees with me, but I have a big hand and I still find them difficult to use,” he added.

The Intel Orange San Diego features a 4.03-inch display.

Bell said of the Orange San Diego, “We tried to build a phone which had pretty much every feature you could possibly think of, including mobile payments, NFC, HDMI out and so on. We did all the engineering effort to produce what would be a high end phone for anyone and orange decided what price to sell it at.”

Can Intel’s Orange San Diego make a mark at a market being dominated by the iPhone and Android devices?

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