Use Google Translate App Offline

Translate App From Google May Be Used Offline

Google’s Translate app may be used offline.  Search giant Google has a new update for its Google Translate app.  The new update will enable translation even is the user is offline.


Google’s Update On Its Translate App

Google has updated this app so that it can still do translations even of the user is offline.  According to Google, it implemented Neural Machine Translation (NTM) in Google Translate in 2016.  This is to improve its accuracy in online translation.  This same technology is now being introduced by the company to its offline translations.

The offline mode will function in the Google app and will work for iOS and Android users.  The company said, “This means that the technology will run in the Google apps directly on your Android or iOS device, so that you can get high-quality translations even when you don’t have access to an internet connection.”

The Translation App

The new offline feature of this translation app works with the help of the neural machine translation.  But there is an issue to this new feature.  The translation files will take up a lot of space on your smartphone.

The company added, “The neural system translates whole sentences at a time, rather than piece by piece. It uses broader context to help determine the most relevant translation, which it then rearranges and adjusts to sound more like a real person speaking with proper grammar. This makes translated paragraphs and articles a lot smoother and easier to read.”

How To Use The App

Go to your Translate app on Android or iOS for NMT offline translations.  A banner will appear on your home screen which will take you to the right place to update your offline files.  Or you can go to your offline translation settings and tap the arrow next to the language name to download the package for that language.

Your device will now be ready for translation even when you are offline.  The update will be available in 59 languages, including Indian and European languages.

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Valve Updates Steam Chat To Compete With Discord

Steam Chat Updated By Valve To Compete With Discord

Valve is set to compete with Discord by updating Steam Chat.  The most common choice for game-related communications is Discord.  It has risen among the ranks of gamers and earned such title.

It is easy to see why as it works well with pretty dismal competition.  Valve overhauled the chat options of its gaming platform Steam to keep users in-house.

The Updating Of Steam Chat

Valve’s update and overhaul of its gaming platform  is a welcome change to its users.  They have been surely asking for it.  Although the platform is convenient in many ways,  is also outdated in others.  Valve did not fail to hear its users’ cries.

The Revamped Chat

The revamped chat is very Discord-like. With text and voice channels listed separately, in-game details like map and game type listed next to friends.  And it has a useful quick list for your go-to gaming partners. There’s also a robust web client.

Voice and text chat is all encrypted and passed through Steam’s servers.  This prevents the NSA competition from monitoring your squad’s tactics during PUBG games, and griefers from tracing your IP.

The revamp is long overdue for Steam.  But it what is important is that they are able to keep Discord in check.  Discord could conceivably grow itself a game store or promotions page in order to subsidize its free services.  This would mean stepping into Valve’s turf.

In Conclusion

In reality, Valve will have a hard time convincing Discord users to favor them.  It has been adopted by far too many communities and the benefits of switching aren’t really substantial.  But for people who have not yet installed Discord, the presence of a robust chat and voice client within Steam is a powerful deterrent for them.

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How To Fix April 2018 Update Problems Of Windows 10

April 2018 Update Problems Of Windows 10: How To Fix Them

If you are experiencing problems on the April 2018 update of Windows 10, this article contains ways to fix some of them.  Windows 10 April 2018 update problems have been persistent as time goes by.

But these problems are not coming out as frequent as before.  Since most of them have been addressed and fixed, it has slowed down.  Let us talk about some of them and see what remedies can be done to fix them.

Free Up Disk Space

There are cases where the update process works for a while.  Then it stops installing the update.  Reverting back to the previous version of Windows 10, might help.  But if it still does not work and the new update cannot be installed still, you may need to free up space on your hard drive.

The April 2018 update needs 16GB of free space for the 32-bit version.  A 20GB free space on the hard drive is needed to install the 64-bit version of the Windows 10 new update.  If you do not have this free space on your hard drive, then the April 2018 update will fail.

Disable Anti-virus Software

Another way to possibly solve the installation problem of the update is to disable your anti-virus software.  You may need to uninstall the software temporarily then download the April 2018 Windows 10 update.  But make sure to install it again after you are done installing the update.

Reset The Update

If installation problems of the update still persists, you may need to reset the update service and try again.  To reset the update, open up the Command Prompt by typing “CMD” into the searchbar.  Then right click on the “Command Prompt”.  Select “Run as administrator”.  Once open, type the following, pressing Enter after each line:

net stop wuauserv                                                                                                         net stop bits                                                                                                                   net stop cryptsvc                                                                                                           Ren %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution\SoftwareDistribution.bak                                     Ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 catroot2.bak                                                         net start wuauserv                                                                                                         net start bits                                                                                                                 net start cryptsvc

Then restart your PC and try installing the April 2018 Windows 10 update again.

Install The Update Via USB

This is another way of solving the installation problem of the update.  You will need a blank DVD, or a USB stick to add the installation files.  This should have at least 5GB of free space.

The Disappearing Desktop

This issue is being linked to Avast Antivirus.  But both Microsoft and Avast has acknowledged the problem.  The issue is being investigated.  For now, it is advised to hold off installation of the April 2018 Windows 10 update  until a fix has been released.

The Update Won’t Work On Alienware Laptops

If you are trying to install the update on your Alienware laptop, you will only get an error message saying “uninstall your laptop”.  The reason for this is that the April 2018 update of Windows 10 has been blocked on certain Alienware laptops.  This is because of a bug causing a black screen when waking from sleep mode.  If you are affected by this issue, you can roll back to the Fall Creators Update.

These are just some of the problems you might encounter when installing the April 2018 Windows 10 update.  Be on the look out for more solutions to certain problems regarding the said update.

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Bugs That Were Encountered In Fortnite

Bugs Encountered By Fortnite

Fortnite has encountered bugs which may cause the game to crash.  Many Battle Royale players have complained about some bugs they have encountered while playing the game.  These bugs have disappointed them because it affected their performances in the said game.

Fortnite: Battle Royale experienced an explosion of success in the past few months.  This success has made it one of the most popular video games in recent history.  A major reason for the game’s popularity is developer Epic Games’ effort to consistently improve, adjust, and add to the game to keep the experience fresh and fun.

However, despite its popularity, players have been recently disgruntled due to high level of bugs and glitches that currently exists in the game.  Epic has done and shown considerable effort in addressing and fixing the issues.  But is seems that after fixing a set of glitches, another batch pops out.

Players’ Feedback On The Bugs

Players have given their opinion and feedback (and complaints, of course).  Among the complaints are: you cannot mute players while crossplaying; traps may not activate initially when placed; weapons fire before the equip animation is completed when sprinting; and a lot more.

Epic’s Solution To The Bugs

Epic has released new Fortnite update that will fix bugs for the Battle Royale and Save the World modes.  Update v3.5.1 was launched, and the good news was there was no downtime at all.

The update fixes the bug in Battle Royale that could cause the game to crash related to  the new Replay system.  It also fixes a bug that allowed players to fire a weapon before the equip animation completed when sprinting.  Other than that, you can now bind the Building Edit hotkey to keys other than G, which sounds like a nice little tweak.  An issue that broke player’s walking/ sprinting animations if they were firing a Guided Missile while walking/sprinting has also been fixed.


Facebook Messenger For Kids Is Getting A Sleep Mode

Parents are getting more control over the controversial Facebook Messenger For Kids with the sleep mode feature.

The Facebook Messenger for Kids is getting a sleep mode for parents to better control the app’s usage.

The newly-added feature is something a lot of parents have been asking for. Sleep mode allows parents to make the app inaccessible during certain times. This can be during dinnertime, while the kids are doing homework, or at bedtime.

Parents can activate the sleep mode through the Parent Control center in their account. Once activated, the app will no longer be able to receive or send messages or video calls. The rest of the apps functionality such as playing with the creative camera and receiving notifications will also be disabled.

Launched in of December last year, Messenger Kids has already gotten its fair share of controversy. The app is targetted to kids from 6 to 12 years old. It does not require a Facebook account and parents are able to control which friends or family the kids can talk to. However, a lot of people feel strongly against kids having access to this kind of technology at an early age.

With the new feature, Facebook is hoping to assure more parents that they are going to great lengths to ensure the app’s safe usage.

Apple iOS 11.2: Update brings Apple Pay Cash, Bug Fixes, Wireless Charging

Cupertino-based Apple Inc. has released recently the iOS 11. 2 update . The latest update brings bug fixes and wireless charging. But there’s more to this update, Apple brings also the Apple Pay Cash.

However, Apple made it clear that such feature is not yet live, saying the Apple Pay Cash has a server issues that must be solved.

Apart from the Apple Pay Cash, the Apple iOS 11.2 update now supports the 7.5W Qi Wireless Charging. This means that Apple users will experience faster charging even better.

Such feature is beneficial to either iPhone 8 or iPhone X users because the wireless charger supports the 7.5 W, in contrast, to the Apple’s  5W wireless charging capacity.

In addition to wireless charging, the iOS 11.2 update has an “autocorrect” feature, an issue that users encountered as a problem earlier. For instance, some users claim that the default keyboard would change “it” into “I.T.”

Hence, Apple users expect that iOS 11.2 will fix the autocorrect issue. Aside from this, users noticed that in iOS 11, the Wifi and Bluetooth icons could not be disabled easily.

Apple, in a statement, said the Wifi and Bluetooth feature that does not able was intently done for a purpose.

The Cupertino-based company claims that it does not disable features so that users can connect to their Apple devices.

Should you upgrade?

Given the Apple iOS 11.2 update, this begs the question if you should upgrade or not?  The reason why is that the iOS update comes in varied sizes, depending on the device.

What is clear, however, is the iOS update is roughly 400 MB. Large as it may seem, Apple users will have a remarkable experience in terms of speed and stability of the mobile OS.


What do you think of the Apple’s iOS 11.2 update? Share your thoughts below.

Latest update for Nokia Lumia fixes battery issue

Issues have been baffling smartphone and tablet developers to the point that they are now publicizing quick fixes for their dysfunctional products.

Take for example Apple’s issues. The tech giant has been plagued with a number of problems since the release of their latest iPad. Though we can live by some of them, but some seem to be impossible to set aside.

Nokia is not excused from this predicament. Since the release of their Lumia 800, they have been bugged by battery issues. Consumers have aired their sentiments on this matter and this did not sit out well with them.

Now, the Finnish phone maker is announcing that they are releasing a global rollout for the Lumia 800 that will eventually pave way in boosting the smartphones battery life.

According to Nokia’s blog post, “since launching the Nokia Lumia 800 late last year, we’ve been focused on delivering continuous enhancements to the phone through software updates. Today, we’re happy to announce the third software update in only four months. This software version for the Lumia 800 brings significant improvements in battery performance and power management.”

Looks like Nokia is stepping up to the plate. Hopefully this update works.

Google updates privacy policy in all services

Google is now upping its security features by changing its privacy policy. This goes out to all of their services like, Gmail, YouTube and Google+.

This change will take effect this coming March 1st.

Google said that these changes will give the people much better search results and will enable advertisers find customers. This comes as a good development since Google have faced criticisms over user data sharing previously.

According to Alma Whitten, director of privacy of Google’s product and engineering, “We’re rolling out a new main privacy policy that covers the majority of our products and explains what information we collect, and how we use it in a more readable way.”

The main change will be felt by those who have Google accounts. “If you’re signed into Google, we can do things like suggest search queries, or tailor your search results, based on the interest you’ve expressed in Google+, Gmail and YouTube,” Google said.

A year ago, Google and the Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement to disable Google form feigning how they use personal information and from sharing the data of users without their consent.

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