Facebook Messenger For Kids Is Getting A Sleep Mode

Facebook Messenger For Kids

Parents are getting more control over the controversial Facebook Messenger For Kids with the sleep mode feature.

Facebook Messenger For Kids

The Facebook Messenger for Kids is getting a sleep mode for parents to better control the app’s usage.

The newly-added feature is something a lot of parents have been asking for. Sleep mode allows parents to make the app inaccessible during certain times. This can be during dinnertime, while the kids are doing homework, or at bedtime.

Parents can activate the sleep mode through the Parent Control center in their account. Once activated, the app will no longer be able to receive or send messages or video calls. The rest of the apps functionality such as playing with the creative camera and receiving notifications will also be disabled.

Launched in of December last year, Messenger Kids has already gotten its fair share of controversy. The app is targetted to kids from 6 to 12 years old. It does not require a Facebook account and parents are able to control which friends or family the kids can talk to. However, a lot of people feel strongly against kids having access to this kind of technology at an early age.

With the new feature, Facebook is hoping to assure more parents that they are going to great lengths to ensure the app’s safe usage.