Latest update for Nokia Lumia fixes battery issue


Issues have been baffling smartphone and tablet developers to the point that they are now publicizing quick fixes for their dysfunctional products.

Take for example Apple’s issues. The tech giant has been plagued with a number of problems since the release of their latest iPad. Though we can live by some of them, but some seem to be impossible to set aside.

Nokia is not excused from this predicament. Since the release of their Lumia 800, they have been bugged by battery issues. Consumers have aired their sentiments on this matter and this did not sit out well with them.

Now, the Finnish phone maker is announcing that they are releasing a global rollout for the Lumia 800 that will eventually pave way in boosting the smartphones battery life.

According to Nokia’s blog post, “since launching the Nokia Lumia 800 late last year, we’ve been focused on delivering continuous enhancements to the phone through software updates. Today, we’re happy to announce the third software update in only four months. This software version for the Lumia 800 brings significant improvements in battery performance and power management.”

Looks like Nokia is stepping up to the plate. Hopefully this update works.