Valve Updates Steam Chat To Compete With Discord


Steam Chat Updated By Valve To Compete With Discord

Valve is set to compete with Discord by updating Steam Chat. The most common choice for game-related communications is Discord. It has risen among the ranks of gamers and earned such title.

It is easy to see why as it works well with pretty dismal competition. Valve overhauled the chat options of its gaming platform Steam to keep users in-house.

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The Updating Of Steam Chat

Valve’s update and overhaul of its gaming platform is a welcome change to its users. They have been surely asking for it. Although the platform is convenient in many ways, is also outdated in others. Valve did not fail to hear its users’ cries.

The Revamped Chat

The revamped chat is very Discord-like. With text and voice channels listed separately, in-game details like map and game type listed next to friends. And it has a useful quick list for your go-to gaming partners. There’s also a robust web client.

Voice and text chat is all encrypted and passed through Steam’s servers. This prevents the NSA competition from monitoring your squad’s tactics during PUBG games, and griefers from tracing your IP.

The revamp is long overdue for Steam. But it what is important is that they are able to keep Discord in check. Discord could conceivably grow itself a game store or promotions page in order to subsidize its free services. This would mean stepping into Valve’s turf.

In Conclusion

In reality, Valve will have a hard time convincing Discord users to favor them. It has been adopted by far too many communities and the benefits of switching aren’t really substantial. But for people who have not yet installed Discord, the presence of a robust chat and voice client within Steam is a powerful deterrent for them.

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