Samsung: Galaxy S III didn’t combust by itself

TechNewsGadget published an article a few weeks ago with regards to an exploding Samsung Galaxy S III. After weeks of speculation, the culprit behind the exploding device has been found out.

Samsung, upon hearing that a Galaxy S III suddenly combusted, did an investigation as to what caused the sudden combustion. They sought the help of a fire investigations team in UK for further analysis of the Galaxy S III in question.

What they investigators found out was that the Galaxy S III didn’t combust on itself, nor was it caused by a faulty design.

According to Samsung in a statement they posted on their site, “The only way it was possible to produce damage similar to the damage recorded within the owner’s damaged device was to place the devices or component parts within a domestic microwave.”

So there you have it. The Galaxy S III in question didn’t combust by itself. It was in fact placed in a microwave oven. Did the owner accidentally exposed the smartphone to water and hastily placed it in the microwave to dry it off?

The owner of the Galaxy S III in question retracted his allegation that his device combusted by itself.

Well, at least Samsung Galaxy S III is safe!


Samsung: Galaxy S III to sell 10 million units by July

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has high hopes that their sales of the Galaxy S III will surpass the 10 million units sold by next month. Samsung expressed optimism, even as the company is struggling to keep up with the high demand, due to shortage of components.

Samsung president for mobile communications business, Shin Jong-Kyun, was positive that Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III, will be able to hit the milestone, but also said that it has been tough to keep up with the high demand.

Samsung’s problem to get the necessary components for the Galaxy S III has raised concerns, regarding smartphone sales during the second quarter of the year. Some are even expecting that sales for this quarter could be much lower, due to the component problem.

Shin added, “Despite the tough economic situation in Europe and problems with supplying components for the Galaxy S III, the second-quarter earnings will be better than the first quarter.”

The Galaxy S III went on sale in Europe last month, while the smartphone was released in the US just last week.

Samsung says that the S III will be released by nearly 300 mobile carriers around the globe by July.

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Samsung to investigate Galaxy S III burnt reports

The same day that Samsung’s Galaxy S III hit the US market, a troubling complaint placed the highly touted smartphone in the limelight, which could possibly deter buyers from purchasing the latter.

The complaint warranted an investigation by Samsung as a photo of a Samsung Galaxy S III went viral. Nothing wrong with that, unfortunately, the photo showed the bottom of a Galaxy S III scorched. Could this be a sign of overheating?

Samsung unveiled its iPhone killer last month. To combat Apple’s landmark, Samsung opted to develop a smartphone that is undeniably the best Android smartphone ever developed. The Galaxy S III went on sale yesterday in the US.

The two previous Galaxy models sold 50 million units worldwide. Samsung is hoping that the S III can boost the sales and even cement their lead against Apple.

This is not the first smartphone that caused a stir by burning. A few months back, an iPhone began to combust in an airplane. Further investigation showed that the iPhone was tampered. This might not be the case for the Galaxy S III, since it was just launched yesterday in the US.

Should this case be a reason for individuals to shy away from the Galaxy S III?

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Apple Requests Samsung ban. This starts everything. Again.

Apple is at it again with another ban request for another Samsung device. With over 30 cases against Samsung on its belt, Apple seeks to request a sales ban of the new Galaxy S III phone in the U.S. This is in addition to all the other Galaxy phones that they are currently fighting over, due to patent infringements.

Samsung has assured the masses that they will “vigorously” fight against this ban request filed in the U.S. District Court for Northern California. They claim that there simply is no merit to the claims that they have infringed 2 of Apple patents. This time, it’s not just about how confident they are, they simply have to fight it because of the large potential loss they will encounter if the device does get banned. Think about a lot of disappointed customers who pre-ordered the device.

Apple has filed this sales ban of the Galaxy S III as an extension to the ongoing battle featuring the Galaxy Nexus, which they claimed to have hit at least 4 patents. For the Galaxy S III, they claim that it touches on the patent for a unified search interface and the patent for identifying patterns in data.

No one plans to back down, as the initial attempt to settle quickly broke down. Apple has the money, and they are willing to dig deep in that vault to ban the Galaxy S III and 17 other devices before it, from being sold in American soil. Many would cry that this is simply anti-competitive, as Apple has reportedly insisted that they will not allow royalties for the said patents and insists that these patent breaking functions be removed completely from the said devices, or risk a full sales ban. What they fail to admit, is that they are scared because Android devices are taking over their market share at an alarming rate.

While the battle goes on, Samsung is confident that they will be able to prove that there is no infringement and that the device is a unique Smartphone. They claim that the sales will go on as planned by June 21 this year. If this pushes through, they may just overshadow the release of the iPhone which is rumored to be released by July this year.

It would be funny to note that despite the fact that Apple and Samsung have been at each other’s throats in 3 continents all over the world, regarding this legal battle, they are still trading business as usual, with Apple being one of the Samsung’s biggest customers for chips and display screens, as well as several other mobile components. Talk about shaking your hand while stabbing you on the back.

Ever since Android got popular, Apple has been hitting nearly every handset manufacturer, big or small, with their large portfolio of patents. There is special focus on the battle for the Galaxy Nexus, simply because it is Android’s flagship phone.  They want to fight against the Galaxy S III, which they claim is another devise that slavishly copies the look and feel of their iPhone. The device is poised to take over the Smartphone market with a large demand for the device, as proven by a substantial amount of pre-orders, made for the device.

Samsung will not back down, and Apple will keep pressing charges left and right to assert itself. Innovation is at a halt due to fear of litigation. The legal wars are far from over.

Which side do you think will win? How much longer do you think the era of Smartphone litigation will go on?

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Samsung to release Galaxy S III this month

Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled their latest Galaxy model in their hopes to shake up the smartphone market.

This latest device boasts of a high-definition screen that is twice the size of the iPhone and is thinner and lighter than the latter.

Samsung’s Galaxy line is the iPhone’s biggest competitor. The company said that the Galaxy S III is going to be on sale in Europe starting May 29 and this summer in the US.

The S III will run on Google Inc. Android OS. It is also said that the Galaxy S III runs on a quad core processor. Its competitors run only run dual core processors though there are a handful that run on quad core.

This is the company’s biggest launch as the device will be on sale in 145 countries worldwide and 296 telecommunication companies distributing the phone.

In 4G capable countries, like US, Japan and Korea, the phone will use 4G networks for better download speeds.

Samsung’s Galaxy line was first released in 2010.

The company will also release a pad that lets you charge your S III when you place it on top of it. No need to connect a cable for you to be able to charge your phone.

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