Samsung sales up during the previous quarter

Samsung third quarter sales upDespite losing a court battle to Apple in the United States, South Korean tech firm Samsung has posted a record profit during the third quarter of 2012.

With Samsung’s numbers increasingly growing due to strong sales from their smartphones and tablets, they are set to hit a high in profit sales.

According to a regulatory filing by Samsung for July-September, their operating income doubled to about $7.3 billion.

Samsung shares rose by .2% in Seoul, as the company is set to announce their quarter results, including breakdown for each division and net income any time this month.

But analysts said that Samsung will have difficulty in increasing the sales during the last quarter of the year, since the former saw a decrease in marketing spending.

According to Nomura Securities, Samsung was able to sell 60 million devices in the three months before October. This included 18 million units of Galaxy S IIIs. During the span of April-June, Samsung was able to sell 50 million units.

The success that the Galaxy S III generated contributed greatly to the sales of Samsung.

According to IBK Securities analysts Lee Seung-woo, “Smartphones are the driving force behind the record-high profit.”

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Can the HTC One X+ unseat the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5?

Not wanting to be left behind, HTC has unveiled their latest smartphone, the HTC One X+.

The HTC One X+ boasts of LTE capabilities and a faster quad core processor. This new device is similar to that of its predecessor, the HTC One X except for a number of upgrades.

For one, the One X+ will have longer battery life as it has a 2,100mAh battery against the 1,800mAh battery of the One X. This comes in handy as this new smartphone supports LTE technology which is hard on a device’s battery.

It also comes with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS as compared to other devices from other tech companies that carry the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

But if pitted against the big boys, the iPhones 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III, will this HTC device stand out? Although the HTC One X+ could surely shake up the smartphone market, we still have to see whether it can directly impact the bigger players.

HTC has already been producing smartphones for a number of years and have made their name for it. Unfortunately for them, the market is currently being dominated by Apple and Samsung.

We would soon find out if the HTC One X+ can be called a Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 slayer.

What do you think?

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Code can reset your Samsung device into its factory setting

A few TouchWiz Samsung handsets are in trouble, as it was discovered that a single line of code can force these devices to revert their settings back into their original factory presets.

This code is said to affect the Galaxy S III, S II, Beam, Ace and S Advance.

Inadvertently encoding this said malicious code into your Samsung device could potentially enable the system to wipe out your phone’s memory. This code can be encoded in various forms such as scanning a QR code or by NFC tagging. Once your device reads the said code, you will not be able to prevent it from resetting your settings.

It is said that this process is going to be hard to see because when the process starts, no command will be able to prevent it. Hitting the back button or removing the battery of your device won’t do any good. It is also reported that it can also affect your SIM card.

Currently, no one has been reported to have used this. However, there is cause for alarm, as this may propagate in the near future.

Samsung is currently doing their very best to investigate the issue.

So be wary about this glitch.

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Apple iOS 6 Maps app isn’t that bad, according to Steve Wozniak

If we ask Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak what his experience with the new Apple Maps app was, his answer would be is that it isn’t that big.

According to ZDnet Australia, Wozniak was quoted as saying, “I have been reading about the problems, and I don’t know if they are that severe.”

Though he admitted that there really is a problem with the current Maps app in the iOS 6 but he doesn’t think it is a cause for concern.

According to Wozniak, “I tried to navigate somewhere, and I couldn’t get to where I wanted to by voice (…) I don’t know yet about Maps – I’m a little worried about the navigation, but I’ve still got it covered with a bunch of other navigation apps.”

Well, if that’s the case, having additional maps really isn’t a problem. But I guess Woz does have a spare device, a Samsung Galaxy S III maybe?

The clamor behind Apple’s own Maps app have spread through the Web like wildfire. Even celebrities blamed the Maps app for getting them to work late.

Adult film actress Brooke Banner tweeted, “Dear iPhone, your new maps fu**ing suck! Once again you’ve made me late and sent me the wrong way. Get it the f**k together. Sincerely, BB.”

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Apple’s best vs the rest – Flagship wars

I don’t want to start up another flame war. We have enough of those already. Since my coverage of the Apple iPhone 5’s hardware, people started asking me which one is better, and which one they should get?

 I will not push anyone to go get an Android, or go get a Windows 8 phone just to spite Apple. They seriously have a quality phone in their hands. Android has one, and Nokia, despite the bad press, also have a quality Windows 8 phone in the works.

2 of the devices I am about to talk about today have yet to be released, but they are considered to be the best in their operating system. I will use Samsung’s Galaxy S3 as a comparison model for Android simply because it is the current leader in the Android market.

Operating system

First, let’s get the operating system out of the way. If you want to get the highest quality in terms of apps, as well as fluidity and ease of use, then go with Apple’s iOS. Right now, the ecosystem in iOS is still the best in the league. Android is catching up, but it battles fragmentation daily, which degrades the overall quality of their apps ecosystem.

If you are looking for powers of customization, then Android is where you might want to go. It offers the best in customization of the look of the operating system. You can even make it look like an iOS or a Windows 8! It is also fairly good with productivity, something that will eventually tie or get beaten by Windows 8.

Windows 8 is a wildcard. There is still so much we don’t know, and while you can customize it to a certain degree, it is not a free as Android. It does have a lot of potential in terms of productivity value as it is based on Windows, which is known for productivity. Also, if you are the type who wants your pc and phone to look alike, then go ahead and pick up a Windows 8 device.

With the operating system out of the way, we want to tear the devices down to the hardware details. The operating system can only be as good as the hardware allows it. You can also argue that software dictates what hardware does, we know pretty much by now that the mobile operating systems make pretty good use of the hardware.

Display Size

Let’s start with something Apple is really proud of – the increased display size. They finally gave in to the pressure of some users asking for a bigger phone, so they made one taller. That’s bigger, right? With 4 inches across the screen, it displays a good 16:9 aspect ratio, which is great for movies. It still pales in comparison to the Nokia Lumia 920 with a 4.7 inch display and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 with a large 4.7 inch display.

I wouldn’t say that larger is always better. Apple’s design is still the best for single handed use. The problem is, despite the fact that it was built for just one hand, most people really use two hands to use it.

QWERTY keyboards are faster and easier to use with more than just one finger moving across the screen, and it is not really that comfortable to use a phone that expensive with just one hand’s grip out on the open road. Eventually, you still hold it with two hands. If that is the case, then a larger display does not really cause a problem with daily use. If you must use two hands, let them play with more space, right?

Display Quality

Apple loves the Retina display, and we love it too. It just so happens that the Windows 8 bet – the Lumia 920, has created an even sharper display. They have a higher pixel density. I wouldn’t say it is an automatic win for the Lumia 920. I mean if you can’t see the pixels already with a 326 ppi, then what is a 332 ppi going to do? Make something that looks real look better than real?

I am not trying to bash them in this area. I am just stating that they both win this round. I can still see the little dots on the Galaxy S3, which makes it look less beautiful than nature despite their “Nature UI”.

Sharpness aside, all three displays show beautiful colors. The Super AMOLED HD display still shows better color disparity and saturation. Sure, Apple improved their display to afford 44% better saturation but without real world side by side comparisons, I will just say that you can’t go wrong with the Super AMOLED HD display at this point.

Processing Power

Ok, down to the gritty part. In the US, all three phones have dual core processors. Apple sticks to their own A6, while the rest relies on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor because of LTE compatibility issues. Worldwide, the Android powered Samsung Galaxy S3 was built with a quad core Exynos processor, Samsung’s own make. In sheer processing power, Android wins in the world view.

When it comes to graphics, spectators claim that the Apple iPhone 5 was able to display console-like graphics. I say that Android has been well capable of such a feat for a while now. It’s just the lack of Apps developed with high resolution graphics that are missing.

The game they demonstrated during the presentation was built with the highest graphical power they can muster at the time. If they port that to Android, I am sure there would be no problem. We will see if the Lumia 920 will be able to prove itself, but right now, it doesn’t hold many high graphic games either.


Let’s go over this quickly. Storage is always a problem for those who keep plenty of content. The general idea is that more storage is always a plus. You can choose between 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB all you want, but when it comes to expanding that built in storage capacity that you have bought, you are out of luck with the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920.

Of the three, only Android devices are generally equipped with a slot to expand storage. The Galaxy S3 has that option ready for you when you purchase it.

Sure, many would argue that you have the cloud, which you can take anywhere. You can take SD memory anywhere too, it is less expensive, and won’t require you to use up your data limit. For me, more is better when it comes to storage. When you have built in memory, cloud storage and expandable storage, you are set.

Battery Capacity

Whenever people ask me about battery life, I always say your mileage may vary. For the sake of today’s face off, let’s stick to what’s on paper. The iPhone 5 is rated at 225 hours standby and 8 hours talk time with 3G on. The Galaxy S3 is rated at 790 hours standby and [11:40] hours talk time with 3G. The Lumia 920 is rated at 300 hours standby and 10 hours talk time with 3G.

The numbers are pretty solid, and this round goes to Android in an ideal world. Too bad the world is not ideal, and there is always something that will affect your battery consumption. Generally, Android’s take on multitasking is a battery drainer.

 Connectivity and Sensors

These days, connectivity options are mostly the same, with speed and range being the only difference. They all have Wi-Fi, they all have Bluetooth, and they all have cellular network connectivity. The new iPhone 5 excels in this area because they have incorporated a new technology that combines different radios in just one chip. The iPhone 5 is capable of working with so many networks around the world by default.

Magnetometer, Proximity, Ambient light, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Barometer sensors are present across all three. Apple decided against NFC this year, which is a bummer. This leaves them closed to any advancement and possibilities in NFC technology until the next hardware update. The other two decided to embrace the tech and make it available. It doesn’t have to be on all the time. You can turn it off if you don’t want it. What matters is that it is there, and you can use it when the time comes.

I also want to point out that while the new “Lightning” dock connector looks great, the Micro USB is still a lot easier to find compatibility for and a lot smaller on the device. I have to admit though, the Lightning dock looks great and is apparently faster too, and so that is always a plus.

Camera capabilities

All three devices support 720p for the front facing camera, but the Galaxy S3 clearly wins in quality and size. Samsung put in a 1.9 megapixel camera at the front, with the other two at a low 1.2 megapixels. I guess the reason why they made the front camera so goon on the S3 was because of the added face/eye tracking features like smart stay and face unlock.

The back camera is a battle that leaves the Galaxy S3 out. The Lumia 920 has an 8.7 megapixel camera while the other two have an 8 megapixel camera built in. The sensor quality is definitely a battle between the Lumia 920 PureView and the iPhone 5 iSight since it was already proven that the iPhone 4S beats the Galaxy S3 in camera quality.

According to the Apple presentation, the new camera is mostly the same with the iPhone 4S camera but it is lighter, and takes in a bit more light. It is also apparently 40% faster than the old model.

The PureView technology is still in an unfinished form, but even in that state, it takes much better images in low light conditions compared to the iPhone 4S. They have developed a better imaging technology compared to what was on the iPhone 4S, so if the iPhone 5 had mostly the same performance, then we have a clear winner.

I think there is very little to worry about in this department, so if you are looking for the best camera between the three, you are looking at a PureView in your future.

Wireless Charging

Ok, I am just putting this here for comparison purposes, but personally, I feel this is actually a useless gimmick. Wireless charging allows you to charge slower but without a cable. You just put this on top of the wireless charging station. The iPhone 5 does not support this, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 can with an additional accessory. The Lumia 920 has wireless charging built into the device.


So in the end, today’s smartphones have caught up with each other. Hardware and default non-OS based features are now kind of standard with the flagship phones. They top one another in one or two places, but no one is a clear winner. From here on out, it feels like the iPhone 5 is no longer the benchmark. It no longer feels like a device to beat. It is just like everyone else now, trying to catch up to the latest trend in technology’s incremental developments.

Like I said in the previous article, the most disappointing of the three is the iPhone 5 which is supposed to be the newest device of the three and what people normally look at as a benchmark. All it does is stay on par with what the rest have already pulled out into the public, while keeping the Apple proprietary details such as their own dock connector.

The Lumia 920 does this too, but that is probably because they are still experimenting on what to do with their phones on Windows 8. They are still in the dark with the new OS, and they don’t want to pull off any big moves at this point, so staying with the minimum specifications is probably all they can afford to do right now, while showcasing a revolution of their own with the PureView OIS camera. Once they have a better grasp of the OS, Windows 8 devices may start pushing the envelope to its limits.

With everything I have laid out before you, the choice is yours and yours alone. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and everyone’s needs are different. What matters is that you get what you need, and what works for you. I hope that this little guide will help you with that financial decision.

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Black Galaxy S III may soon be in the offing

Rumors that a new Samsung Galaxy S III will soon be available in the market have been circulating and the word out on the streets is that the speculation is authentic, as said that a black version of the device will be available in 4-6 weeks.

Crave is reporting that the store had previously uploaded a photo of the black Galaxy S III but have since been pulled down by the administrators of the site. Still, they are accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy S III.

They added that the photo didn’t officially come from Samsung, instead Mobile Fun just found the photograph.

Last week, Samsung posted a black device in their Facebook page, which resulted into rumors that a Black Galaxy S III is going to come.

A number of websites have indicated that there is truth behind the myth. Just last week, a leaked report stated that Carphone Warehouse was on their inventory screen.

Rumors are truly abound. The question right now is whether Samsung would try to match Apple’s September announcement to possibly alter of their announcement.

According to, the black Galaxy S III by Samsung will be retailed at 499.99 Pounds.

Are you excited to have a black Galaxy S III?

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HTC One X finally catches up with ICS 4.04

HTC is one of the larger companies that promised a lot of their devices will get updates to the latest Android OS back then, the Ice Cream Sandwich. As with other versions of the OS, there are plenty of minor revisions that bring it up slightly from the version 4.0. The latest ICS Rom has a version number of 4.04.

The HTC One X was first announced in February this year. It is recognized as one of the devices that potentially rivals the Samsung Galaxy S3. The HTC One X used a Tegra 3 processor, for the international version and the same Snapdragon S4 that the Samsung Galaxy S3 had for the US, LTE compatible revisions. Pretty much most of the internal functions and features mirror the Samsung Galaxy S3 so much, that it could have been mistaken for each other if the external designs were not far apart.

The HTC One X came out earlier than the Samsung Galaxy S3, and was powered by Android 4.03. After quite some time, HTC finally released Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.04 for the device, porting over the stability fixes that the Samsung Galaxy S3 enjoyed since launch. The new version came with a tweaked version of Sense, possibly allowing more multitasking within the device.

They have also remapped some keys, in response to user feedback. The multitasking key has become the menu key by default, but can still access the multitasking bar by using a long press.

They have also improved the camera, which was already noted to be superior to the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is a very welcome option for HTC fans that use the camera a lot. Overall, the device is smoother than the previous version.

In releasing this version of Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC One X, they have also announced that they promise to update it to Jelly Bean, as well just like it’s rival from Samsung. This should make the HTC One X a more desirable product than ever before. They also announced that the HTC One S and HTC One XL will also receive the said updates.

HTC reiterates that their promises for updates will indeed be fulfilled for all promised devices. Hopefully, HTC will maintain this image of keeping their devices up to date as much as possible with the newest releases of Android. While there are still some advantages of Samsung’s flagship phone over HTC’s, it is still a very powerful option in the market.

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Protect your Galaxy S III with the Tech21 Impact Snap case

That Samsung Galaxy S III sure is a wonderful sight. Bam! Then it accidentally falls to the floor and dents the once wondrous Galaxy S III frame.

You need to protect your Samsung Galaxy S III and prevent that incident from occurring. Here the Tech21 Impact Snap case steps in.

The sleek design of the Tech21 Impact Snap case fits perfectly to your Samsung Galaxy S III. Add to that that it was built for toughness and lightness then you’ve got a wonderfully developed case that can shield your phone from the harsh environments and from your clumsiness.

The Tech21 Impact Snap case was developed by the same individuals who are responsible in bringing to us the Impact Band and the Tech Ops Submariner case for the iPhone 4S and its predecessor the iPhone 4.

Attaching and removing the Tech21 Impact Snap case to your Samsung Galaxy S III is very easy. All you need to do is nap it onto the back of your Galaxy S III to install it and pull it gently on one side till it pops off to remove it.

The Tech21 Impact Snap case gives excellent protection for your Samsung Galaxy S III. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide good security go your phone’s display. But it is an affordable way to protect your much beloved device.

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Sharp starts shipping of iPhone 5 screens

Sharp Corp., which is touted as one of Japan’s top tech firms, is reportedly shipping out screens from their factory that are rumored to be for Apple’s latest iPhone that will be released this October.

According to Sharp president Takashi Okuda, shipment will begin this month. He announced this during a press briefing in Tokyo together with the company’s release of its latest quarterly earnings.

Apple has been in the news not only for their brewing battle with Samsung, but also about speculations with regards to their next iPhone. Said speculations even became intense when the company announced that they are planning to have a major product launch this September.

Sharp didn’t comment on their partnership with the Cupertino based tech firm, but the screens that they are shipping out are rumored to be for Apple.

Sharp isn’t the sole provider for the iPhone screens as LG Display Co Ltd and Japan Display Inc are also set to provide Apple with screens for the said device.

The next iPhone is set to have larger screens set to recover its lost glamour that was lost due to the popularity of Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

Will you be holding out buying a new smartphone to wait for Apple’s latest iPhone?

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ZTE powers up with the ZTE Grand X

Chinese company ZTE ,which was embroiled in a scandal a few years ago with one South East Asian nation, is targeting world domination in their bid to keep step with other smartphone manufacturers. And they hope that their ZTE Grand X would work magic in their hopes and dreams to be a force in the smartphone market.

The ZTE Grand X comes with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a dual-core Tegra 2 processor.

ZTE’s latest entry to the smartphone market can’t keep pace with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone. What you’ll be receiving if you buy the ZTE Grand X is an admirable performing device that is light on the pocket.

The ZTE Grand X has a 9.9mm chassis and weighs at 110 grams.

The microSD slot of the device was designed in a way that you need not remove the battery to remove the microSD memory.

The 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 processor is what makes this device great.

There is no other device out there that belongs to the mid-range smartphone market that packs the same processor.

Unfortunately, according to TechRadar, when they test the ZTE Grand X, the device crashed three times on separate occasions.

At any rate, are you willing to buy the ZTE Grand X?

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