Samsung: Galaxy S III to sell 10 million units by July


South Korean electronics giant Samsung has high hopes that their sales of the Galaxy S III will surpass the 10 million units sold by next month. Samsung expressed optimism, even as the company is struggling to keep up with the high demand, due to shortage of components.

Samsung president for mobile communications business, Shin Jong-Kyun, was positive that Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III, will be able to hit the milestone, but also said that it has been tough to keep up with the high demand.

Samsung’s problem to get the necessary components for the Galaxy S III has raised concerns, regarding smartphone sales during the second quarter of the year. Some are even expecting that sales for this quarter could be much lower, due to the component problem.

Shin added, “Despite the tough economic situation in Europe and problems with supplying components for the Galaxy S III, the second-quarter earnings will be better than the first quarter.”

The Galaxy S III went on sale in Europe last month, while the smartphone was released in the US just last week.

Samsung says that the S III will be released by nearly 300 mobile carriers around the globe by July.

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