Samsung to investigate Galaxy S III burnt reports


The same day that Samsung’s Galaxy S III hit the US market, a troubling complaint placed the highly touted smartphone in the limelight, which could possibly deter buyers from purchasing the latter.

The complaint warranted an investigation by Samsung as a photo of a Samsung Galaxy S III went viral. Nothing wrong with that, unfortunately, the photo showed the bottom of a Galaxy S III scorched. Could this be a sign of overheating?

Samsung unveiled its iPhone killer last month. To combat Apple’s landmark, Samsung opted to develop a smartphone that is undeniably the best Android smartphone ever developed. The Galaxy S III went on sale yesterday in the US.

The two previous Galaxy models sold 50 million units worldwide. Samsung is hoping that the S III can boost the sales and even cement their lead against Apple.

This is not the first smartphone that caused a stir by burning. A few months back, an iPhone began to combust in an airplane. Further investigation showed that the iPhone was tampered. This might not be the case for the Galaxy S III, since it was just launched yesterday in the US.

Should this case be a reason for individuals to shy away from the Galaxy S III?

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