#227 Recapping One More Thing By Apple

The Apple November event is a wrap, let’s see what they announced today! I hear new Mac computers and a pretty sweet new M1 processor…

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#121 What’s Coming To The PS5?

Here’s everything we have on the PS5, just missing the juicy details like cost and release date.

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#56 Downgraded Blacks Ops 4 Servers?

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This business card-sized Japanese phone bucks the giant-phone trend

With Apple and most Android OEMs making increasingly larger phones while Apple discontinues the small iPhone SE, it’s pretty clear where the smartphone market is going—at least for the near term. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some companies bucking the trend by going smaller, not bigger. Earlier this week, we heard that Palm’s brand is rebooting with a very small phone that’s not meant to be your main portable computing device. But this phone from Kyocera is even smaller.

YouTube video embeds now include a ‘Subscribe’ button

Up until now, if you saw a YouTube video you liked embedded in a website, you had to click through the video to YouTube’s page in order to subscribe to that channel. Now, YouTube is making it a little easier for viewers to see the videos they want (and for channel operators to grab those subscribers). Going forward, YouTube embeds will feature a “Subscribe” button.

Intel Core i9 9900K review: the fastest gaming CPU money can buy

Intel has been marketing the new Core i9 9900K as the fastest gaming CPU money can buy – and while a massive amount of controversy has surrounded the accuracy of pre-release benchmarks, the logic is sound. After all, the existing Core i7 8700K holds the title, ahead of its Ryzen 7 2700X competition. The new 9900K adds two additional cores and four threads, while boosting frequencies and increasing cache – improving on the 8700K in every way. Going into this review, my only question was this: to what extent do games actually make use of the additional resources? After all, the 8700K was already a performance monster, and arguably under-utilised. Do we actually need more gaming power?

Everything you need to know about the 2018 MacBook

While Apple’s higher-range MacBook Pros received an update earlier this year, the entry-level MacBook options are in desperate need of an overhaul. Rumors have been swirling as to what exactly that device will be, but we know the company has something up its sleeve for a cheaper MacBook in 2018.

HTC Plans to Bring Hand & Finger Tracking to Vive Pro

Today at the the World Conference on VR Industry in China, HTC announced plans to bring hand & finger tracking to Vive Pro via the headset’s front-facing cameras. Back in April HTC launched new tools to help developers take advantage of the Vive Pro’s largely unused front-facing cameras. Now it seems the company plans to double down on that by adding hand and finger tracking that works “natively” on the headset.

Have Black Ops 4’s servers been downgraded?

The Black Ops 4 beta was as smooth as a pre-release game can get, with multiple tests confirming the game was running on dedicated servers with a 60Hz send rate from both client and server sides. Even when the game launched on October 17, Black Ops 4’s multiplayer performance was relatively smooth. However, the following days revealed increased reports of kill-trading, unbalanced corner peeking and poor hit registration. According to a new study by reddit user Smcro, Black Ops 4’s multiplayer is currently running at only 20Hz from the server side, a significant downgrade from the 60Hz the game was using earlier.

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#14 Google Goggles Is Officially Dead

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China AI unicorn SenseTime launches automatic ‘touch-up’ tool for self-conscious live-streamers

Whatever your preference, in today’s image-conscious social media world people generally want to look the best they can, and that’s why SenseTime, the world’s most highly-valued artificial intelligence (AI) start-up, is offering a filter for smartphone cameras and live-streaming apps that can automatically touch you up.

Why you shouldn’t bring your mobile device shopping

A new study reveals that by bringing your phone with you while shopping, you get distracted and purchase more!

Google updates Location History language after tracking backlash

Four days after admitting that it continues to track users even after the Location History tracking has been disabled, Google has updated its website to more accurately reflect the nature of its location policy.

Google Goggles is officially dead

It has now been replaced by Lens.

New $1,200 MacBook, refreshed iPad Pro models could be announced during Apple’s September event

Apple will launch a refreshed entry-level MacBook next month, according to a report, with an updated model claimed will be revealed during the company’s September event alongside new iPhones and other product announcements.

PUBG Mobile Reaches 100 Million Downloads

Congrats guys!

Nintendo Switch Online Service: Is it worth it?

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Huawei’s New Honor MagicBook Is A MacBook RipOff

The new Honor MagicBook has taken a leaf out of Apple’s MacBook designs.

Nope, that is not a laptop from Apple, but from this angle, it really does look like one. That is the Honor MagicBook, the latest from Huawei.

Along with the Honor 10 smartphone, the Huawei sub-brand also launched a light-weight laptop in China. It is available in three colours – Nebula Violet, Stay Grey and Glacier Silver and began pre-orders this week. The laptops will go sale starting April 23.

The Honor MagicBook has a price tag of CNY 5,699 (about $905) and CNY 4,999 (about $795) so its expected to come with decent specs.

Powered with either an 8th generation Intel Core i7 or i5, it has an 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. It sports a 14-inch full-HD display and carries 2GB Nvidia GeForce MX150. The bezels only measure 5.2mm and a screen-to-body ration of 81 percent.

Something to be interested about too is its battery life. The MagicBook comes with a gigantic 57.4Wh battery which would provide around 12 hours of usage. The company boasts that a one hour charge can give you 0% to 70%.

The entire body of the laptop is made of aluminium and weights 1.47kg. What it has that the MacBook Air or the MacBook pro is the built-in fingerprint sensor.

As always, there is no news on whether this will eventually be released overseas. If it does, would you buy one?


Check Your Mac for 32-bit Apps Before Apple Stops Supporting Them

The Cupertino-based company is dropping the hammer soon on 32-bit apps to push developers to move their software to 64-bit.

Apple published a support document last week about their plans on pulling the plug on 32-bit apps. “To ensure that the apps you purchase are as advanced as the Mac you run them on, all future Mac software will eventually be required to be 64-bit,” it said.

Mac owners are starting to get pop-up warnings as “an advance notice” when they launch 32-bit applications, including Word from Office for Mac 2011. The move for 64-bit apps is inline with the release of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4.

There’s no reason to panic though. You probably aren’t using anything essential that can’t be easily replaced with something more current. However, if you want to check your apps, here’s the step by step guide:

  • Hold the Option Key and click the   logo in the top left corner. (Holding the Option Key will replace the System Preferences to System Information.)
  • Go to Software then click Applications.
  • The left-most column is named 64-Bit. The apps labeled No instead of Yes are the ones you should replace in the future.

Apple has yet to specify the exact schedule for the 64-bit transition to be complete saying it “is still underway”. When this is, we’ll have to wait and see.

Apple Confirms 2019 Mac Pro Redesign

As expected, a lot of people were not so happy about this week’s non-announcement of the Mac Pro.

Apple confirmed the redesigned Mac Pro is slated for release in 2019. This is contrary to the 2018 release that most people have been hoping for after a discussion last year.

The Cupertino-based company wanted to “provide clarity” to potential buyers that are holding out on purchasing the iMac Pro because of the impending release.

“We want to be transparent and communicate openly…the Mac Pro is a 2019 product. It’s not something for this year,” Apple’s senior director of Mac hardware product marketing, Tom Boger, told TechCrunch.

The Pro Workflow team led by John Ternus will be facilitating the development of this product. They are also hiring full-time and part-time artists to produce media for testing Apple’s hardware and software.

“We’ve been focusing on visual effects and video editing and 3D animation and music production as well,” said Ternus. “And we’ve brought in some pretty incredible talent, really masters of their craft. And so they’re now sitting and building out workflows internally with real content and really looking for what are the bottlenecks.”

Apple was hinting of a completely redesigned Mac Pro that will be “modular” and “upgradeable” when the iMac Pro was released last year. Reports suggest that the plans of making it modular still remains.


Dell XPS 13 Specs, Features: Device Is Now Faster, Smaller, and Available in White

For this year, Dell has made an overhaul of its ultraportable, the Dell XPS 13. The company has improved the device’s specs with touching the design. Users can now take advantage of the Dell’s XPS 13 revamped chassis with Intel CPUs 8th-gen process.

Aside from this, Dell also claims that its popular ultraportable has longer battery life and now, it is available in beautiful and classy white. The company’s ultraportable also comes in new rose gold color.Well, some tech-savvy users would wonder what’s the big changed that Dell did to XPS 13.

Actually, Dell XPS 13 does not look that different because it would still feature a brushed aluminium lid, a stylish chiclet-style keyboard, among other elegant physical features.


Dell XPS 13 specs and features


But what makes Dell XPS 13 popular is the device’s specifications. The company’s ultraportable has a thinner and lighter body. In fact, the company claims that it is 24 percent smaller by volume. It also weighs 2.68 pounds with a measurement of 11.9 x 7.8 x 0.46-inches at its thickest.


Others would claim that XPS 13’s size is an inch closer to Apple’s 12-inc MacBook. Not only Dell’s XPS 13 is improving regarding sizes, but the company’s Infinity Edge had also improved when it reduced the bezels to 4 millimeters, giving the new XPS 13 a display ratio of 80.7 percent.


On the other hand, Dell users can actually choose an 8th-Gen Intel Core i5-8250U CPU, or a Core i7-8550U chip, up to 16GB of random access memory. The company has also improved the XPS 13’s battery life. This means that users can enjoy watching a full HD streaming video for almost 20 hours.

Turn your iPad into a MacBook with the CruxSkunk


Everybody wants to get their hands-on a MacBook. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to own one. With its magnificent design and features, people drool over this sexy laptop.

To cash-strapped Apple fanatics, instead of buying a MacBook, an iPad will do for the meantime.

Now, you can turn your iPad into a MacBook (though clearly not its specs).

CruxCase has developed a product that turns your beloved iPad into a MacBook. The CruxCase CruxSkunk is an iPad gadget that fits perfectly to your tablet.

The CruxSkunk is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum, anodized and sandblasted to perfectly resemble the finish of your iPad tablet. It has a keyboard that you can use so it would be easier for you to type. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and it is being powered by a rechargeable battery.

The CruxCase CruxSkunk is currently on Kickstarter. To own a CruxSkunk with a leather sleeve, a donor has to pledge %155.

The CruxSkunk not only protects your iPad from the hazards of the environment and your clumsiness, but it also boosts your iPad’s aesthetics. With its built in keyboard, it will certainly help you with your typing projects.

Care to try on CruxCase’s CruxSkunk?

Image Source: appaddict.net


OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion increases Privacy Control

After the long awaited released of their latest iPad, Apple is now back at it as they are working towards releasing their latest OS X 10.8 this summer.

Also known as Mountain Lion, the Cupertino based company has just released the 2nd developer preview for registered Apple developers. And according to sources, there is a marked improvement and at the same time some still need tweaking and improvement.

Like the Game Center, Air Play and the Notes app, sources reveal that these areas need improvements.

But what comes as a big boost is the much improved privacy feature.

One Dustin Courtis has discovered that if you have an app that attempts to gain access to your personal information, such as contacts, a message will pop-up and informs you whether you want to trust this app to gain access to such data.

Another security update also features the ability to revoke or opt out app permissions that you previously authorized.

If these reports are true then Kudos to Apple for taking steps in trying to protect the privacy of their clients. Privacy issues have troubled smartphone companies due to their inability to correct and protect their clients.

Good job for Apple and their development team!

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