Turn your iPad into a MacBook with the CruxSkunk

MacBook-look case for your iPad


MacBook-look case for your iPad Everybody wants to get their hands-on a MacBook. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to own one. With its magnificent design and features, people drool over this sexy laptop.

To cash-strapped Apple fanatics, instead of buying a MacBook, an iPad will do for the meantime.

Now, you can turn your iPad into a MacBook (though clearly not its specs).

CruxCase has developed a product that turns your beloved iPad into a MacBook. The CruxCase CruxSkunk is an iPad gadget that fits perfectly to your tablet.

The CruxSkunk is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum, anodized and sandblasted to perfectly resemble the finish of your iPad tablet. It has a keyboard that you can use so it would be easier for you to type. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and it is being powered by a rechargeable battery.

The CruxCase CruxSkunk is currently on Kickstarter. To own a CruxSkunk with a leather sleeve, a donor has to pledge %155.

The CruxSkunk not only protects your iPad from the hazards of the environment and your clumsiness, but it also boosts your iPad’s aesthetics. With its built in keyboard, it will certainly help you with your typing projects.

Care to try on CruxCase’s CruxSkunk?

Image Source: appaddict.net