For this year, Dell has made an overhaul of its ultraportable, the Dell XPS 13. The company has improved the device’s specs with touching the design. Users can now take advantage of the Dell’s XPS 13 revamped chassis with Intel CPUs 8th-gen process.

Aside from this, Dell also claims that its popular ultraportable has longer battery life and now, it is available in beautiful and classy white. The company’s ultraportable also comes in new rose gold color.Well, some tech-savvy users would wonder what’s the big changed that Dell did to XPS 13.

Actually, Dell XPS 13 does not look that different because it would still feature a brushed aluminium lid, a stylish chiclet-style keyboard, among other elegant physical features.


Dell XPS 13 specs and features


But what makes Dell XPS 13 popular is the device’s specifications. The company’s ultraportable has a thinner and lighter body. In fact, the company claims that it is 24 percent smaller by volume. It also weighs 2.68 pounds with a measurement of 11.9 x 7.8 x 0.46-inches at its thickest.


Others would claim that XPS 13’s size is an inch closer to Apple’s 12-inc MacBook. Not only Dell’s XPS 13 is improving regarding sizes, but the company’s Infinity Edge had also improved when it reduced the bezels to 4 millimeters, giving the new XPS 13 a display ratio of 80.7 percent.


On the other hand, Dell users can actually choose an 8th-Gen Intel Core i5-8250U CPU, or a Core i7-8550U chip, up to 16GB of random access memory. The company has also improved the XPS 13’s battery life. This means that users can enjoy watching a full HD streaming video for almost 20 hours.