Sales in Apple’s iPhones double in Q1

The iPhone is taking over the world one user at a time. While they are wrecking havoc in the smartphone market, Apple’ executives are grinning from ear to ear as this only maximizes profit for the company.

Apple said last Tuesday that they were able to sell 37 million units of iPhones in the past 3 months of 2011. This feat by the iPhone exceeded the estimates of some analysts and it propelled Apple to hit record quarterly sales.

The 37 million units account to 53 percent of Apple’s revenue during that quarter. Other Apple products such as the iPad and MacBooks can’t keep up with the spike in the sales of the iPhone.

They have edged out rivals Samsung Electronics Co., which announced that they sold 35 million units in that same time, and Nokia Corp..

According to ISI Group analyst Brian Marshall, “It was a pristine quarter. The investment community has never seen a company like this, inside or outside technology.”

The magnificent performance by Apple places them at the top of the world’ most valued company. They are being trailed by Exxon Mobil Corp. The two have been exchanging the top spot since last summer.

Apple’s “Lucky Bags” attract hundreds

Japanese customers have been lining up at Apple Stores all over Japan hoping to get their hands on a “Lucky Bag” to kick of their new year.

The Japanese have a handful of shopping traditions for the new year, but this “Fukubukuro” or “Lucky Bags” seems to be one of the most popular if not the most.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside a ‘Fukubukuro’. Once person breaks the seal of the bag he finds an assortment of goodies. Usually this goodies are discounts for the collection. But you have to keep your fingers crossed because you don’t have any idea on what you get. Just like basketball trading cards. You are not sure if you’ll be getting that most valued insert in the package you bought.

The lucky few will find rare or expensive products that is worth three times the amount you paid for.

Apple began to sell these bags in Japan in 2004 and it hasn’t taken a bad year as of yet

Some bags are priced at 33,000 yen or $430. Customers wish to get an iPad, Iphone or iPod. It’s a gamble and a very big one.

In a post from, one lucky customer shared the contents of his bag:

  • Red iPod nano Red (5th Generation)
  • Nike + iPod Sport Kit
  • iHome iP38 portable iPod dock
  • Incase Sports Armband Pro
  • Apple USB adapter
  • Crystal Jacket Set for iPod Nano 5th Generation (special Lucky Bag version)
  • Atomic Floyd TwistJax headphones
  • 2x iTunes Gift Cards
  • Apple Store Limited Edition Red T-Shirt
  • Incase Nylon Compact Backpack

‘Fukubukora’ began as a way for establishments to let go of their old stocks. Japanese believe that it is bad for the business if the New Year starts with unwanted items from the previous year.

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Apple acquires flash chip maker Anobit

The Apple empire munched the company Anobit to the sound of $500 million. According to reports, Anobit, the flash controller and SSD startup company was just bought by Apple.

Anobit supplys flash chips and endurance-enhancing controller technology for both the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air.

Now, Apple will have a base in the Holy Land. Anobit’s JQ in Herzliya, Israel will most probably become the iPhone makers Research and Development center.

Anobit’s OEM supply to other companies is still unknown. If Apple takes on technology components distribution, it will be a first for the company. But there are still no news as to what is Apple’s decision is if they’ll continue on with Anobit’s business or they will merely use Anobit’s technology for their own devices.

Anobit and Apple has not confirmed the deal yet.

New Apple store to open in Grand Central

If you think Grand Central Terminal is crowded enough with passengers and tourists alike, then wait till Apple’s newest shop starts selling.

Previously occupied by knick-knack shops and ticket machines, the Apple Store will take up 23,000 square feet of space in one the biggest tourist attractions in New York City. It is set to open tomorrow, December 9, 2011 at 10 am.

In a press release, Apple describes the place that was built in a matter of months despite facing some logistical difficulties. “”Beyond the balcony overlooking the expansive Main Concourse, the Apple Store Grand Central offers rooms dedicated to some of our most popular services, including the largest area in the world dedicated to Personal Setup. In the Personal Setup room, customers who buy an iPad, iPhone, iPod or Mac can get up and running before they leave the store.”

So how much did it cost the Cupertino-based company? The rent for the space is rumoured to be $1 million or more. Not only that, it is said that Apple also had to cash out an additional $5 million to purchase the remainder of the previous tenant’s lease.

Pretty steep rent right? Maybe so, but with the world’s highest concentrations of consistent year-round pedestrian foot traffic found in  Grand Central, Apple won’t be having any problems in attracting customers. 🙂

Shure unveils headset for iPhones

Shure, a consumer and professional audio electronics corporation, unveiled today the SE115m+ Sound Isolating Headset with Remote and Microphone. The headset is similar to the SE115 Sound Isolating Earphones but specially designed for Apple’s products.

The SE115m+’s earpieces are designed to fit into your ear canals (canalphone design) so as to block external noise. It comes with an inline microphone and a three-button remote control that works with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, the latest iPod models and the latest MacBooks.

Sold at $120, the SE115m+ will be first available exclusively in Apple retail and online stores later this month. Other Shure retailers will have stocks of the earphones in January of next year.


Students choose Netbooks over Macs

According to a study conducted by Retrevo, a consumer electronics website, a big chunk of college-bound students preparing for school are planning on getting affordable netbooks than spending a lot for a Mac laptop.

The numbers?

Only a mere 17 percent of the students say that they intend to get Macs. And although 49 percent of students plan on getting full-sized Windows laptops, 34 percent of students will be buying netbooks – placing Macs in the last place.

And with the results showing 58 percent of students planning on spending less than $750 on their laptops, it’s really a hard case for Apple to with their cheapest laptop priced at $949, PCWorld reports.

It seems that with the netbooks’ affordability (with some priced under $200) and good-enough specs, students on a tight budget are choosing practicality over Mac-xury. J

Its not that Apple aren’t targeting the education market too. This year, the company is offering a free iPod Touch with every MacBook bought. But based on Retrevo’s study, it’ll take more than an iPod Touch to get students to cash out almost a thousand bucks for a laptop.

If you do have plans on buying a MacBook, hurry up though coz Apple’s special promotion ends on September 8.