OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion increases Privacy Control


After the long awaited released of their latest iPad, Apple is now back at it as they are working towards releasing their latest OS X 10.8 this summer.

Also known as Mountain Lion, the Cupertino based company has just released the 2nd developer preview for registered Apple developers. And according to sources, there is a marked improvement and at the same time some still need tweaking and improvement.

Like the Game Center, Air Play and the Notes app, sources reveal that these areas need improvements.

But what comes as a big boost is the much improved privacy feature.

One Dustin Courtis has discovered that if you have an app that attempts to gain access to your personal information, such as contacts, a message will pop-up and informs you whether you want to trust this app to gain access to such data.

Another security update also features the ability to revoke or opt out app permissions that you previously authorized.

If these reports are true then Kudos to Apple for taking steps in trying to protect the privacy of their clients. Privacy issues have troubled smartphone companies due to their inability to correct and protect their clients.

Good job for Apple and their development team!