Apple and Samsung calls a truce

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To the patent war outside the US, that is.

This news still comes as a big welcome however, as the world has been a witness to the never-ending infringement cases that they have been throwing at each other for years.

The two technology giants have announced in a joint statement that they are withdrawing all ongoing legal proceedings on their outstanding patent litigations outside US. Currently, both companies are locked in patent wars in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Australia. On the other hand, all high-profile infringement cases in the US for both Apple and Samsung are still proceeding.

It can be recalled that Apple first filed a lawsuit against Samsung in 2011 for copying the features of the iPhone into their Galaxy smartphones. The South Korean giant then fired back and sued Apple for using pieces of its wireless-transmission technology without permission.

Is this a sign that there will finally be peace between these two giants? With higher demands and a tighter marketplace for smartphones, we highly think this war is far from over.

Samsung Galaxy S III sells over 20 million units since its release

Although the smoke has cleared between the war waged by Apple and Samsung in a US court, the two still have a lot of ammunitions left to instigate another battle.

Though the South Korean tech firm lost to the American brand, Samsung has found solace to the fact that their Samsung Galaxy S III has eclipsed the 20 million sales mark since it was launched a few months ago.

In Europe, about 6 million units have been sold in retail stores across the continent. While in Asia, 4.5 million Galaxy S III units have flown off the shelves. In North America, about 4 million units have been bought.

According to Samsung, “Galaxy S III… is being sold three times faster than the previous Galaxy S III and six times faster than the first version of Galaxy S.”

The Samsung Galaxy S III features face-recognition ability, improved voice activated controls, a very powerful processor and enables users to multi task by allowing them to write emails and watch video simultaneously.

Samsung is set to lose a billion dollars as an American court ruled that they infringed some of Apple’s patents. But other courts outside the US have rejected Apple’s claims with regards to Samsung’s patent infringement.

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Galaxy Note 10.1 beats the new iPad in reparability

Are you the type that keeps breaking stuff? Do you abuse your daily belongings to the point where your devices are left full of scratches? Are you the type that knows that is clumsy, and always seeks a protective cover for the devices to protect them from damage?

If you are, then getting the new iPad may not be in your best interest, unless you get a really good protector for it. Instead, the iFixit team recommends the Galaxy Note 10.1 for sheer reparability.

The iFixit team is noted to be one of the experts in tearing down today’s popular gadgets so they can show the world the innards of your device. They aim to determine which parts can be fixed or replaced or which parts are deemed irreparable. They are better noted for tear downs of MACs, iPads, iPhones, iPods, and PCs. They then rate the reparability of the devices they take down. Their website is then filled with comprehensive shots and instructions on how to do it all yourself.

They also rank the reparability of the devices they take down, in which case the new iPad only scored a measly 2/10 thanks to the fact that the iPad is full of glued up parts, including the battery.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 on the other hand received a whopping 8/10, detailing how almost everything can be repaired or replaced easily compared to the Apple iPad. The iFixit team details how impressed they were of the combination of the screws and clips, making it just child proof, but not adult proof.

The iFixit team was met with a lot of cables in the device, which usually translates to better reparability, due to easier access to the individual parts and gives a plus for easy replacements and repairs.

Almost each part can be removed when the case is taken out, so each part can just be replaced or fixed individually, including all 3 parts of the Galaxy Note 10.1’s front and back camera.

The best part to note about the Galaxy Note 10.1 is that the LCD and the Glass cover can easily be separated and can be repaired separately, meaning if you crack the glass on your precious Galaxy Note 10.1, you can easily replace just the glass, making the repairs cheaper. Apart from the display, the iFixit team also notes how easy it is to replace the battery, which can easily be removed.

It looks like they had fun taking it out for the most part. You can now rest assured that if you get the Galaxy Tab 10.1, it won’t be a headache at all to take it apart and repair it yourself. It also means that Samsung themselves won’t have a hard time repairing your beloved device. Do take heed that you shouldn’t try this unless you absolutely must, and make sure you get the proper tools for taking it apart.

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Samsung to release Galaxy S III this month

Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled their latest Galaxy model in their hopes to shake up the smartphone market.

This latest device boasts of a high-definition screen that is twice the size of the iPhone and is thinner and lighter than the latter.

Samsung’s Galaxy line is the iPhone’s biggest competitor. The company said that the Galaxy S III is going to be on sale in Europe starting May 29 and this summer in the US.

The S III will run on Google Inc. Android OS. It is also said that the Galaxy S III runs on a quad core processor. Its competitors run only run dual core processors though there are a handful that run on quad core.

This is the company’s biggest launch as the device will be on sale in 145 countries worldwide and 296 telecommunication companies distributing the phone.

In 4G capable countries, like US, Japan and Korea, the phone will use 4G networks for better download speeds.

Samsung’s Galaxy line was first released in 2010.

The company will also release a pad that lets you charge your S III when you place it on top of it. No need to connect a cable for you to be able to charge your phone.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to be announced at MWC?

Is Samsung going to give us a big surprise in this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona?

Rumors have it that the company is going to launch its 10.1 version of their Galaxy Note phone and tablet hybrid in the convention. Reports have it that they are going to unveil a larger version of the 5.3 inch Android at the annual mobile expo.

The basis for the reports is the Galaxy Note 10.1 name is shown on a Samsung MWC Developer Day invitation and a casting call note requesting a “Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 user” for a commercial has emerged.

Samsung will boast excellent lines in the large tablet market as they already have the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Although the success of the device is still in doubt due to the lawsuits that Apple, Inc. has filed against the gadget that alleges that the Samsung phone was a replica of their iPad.

If the Galaxy Note is in trouble, would the company develop a new and a much more different device so as to avoid the lawsuits which they currently have? If that’s the case then this Galaxy Note would definitely be the answer since it isn’t only a tablet, it’s also a phone.

Galaxy S II ICS ROMS leak online

An Android 4.0.1 ROM leaked online a few days ago for Samsung’s Galaxy S II. But the leaked ROM had a ton of bugs.

Reports said that it worked faster and it features Samsung’s TouchWiz UI technology.

SamMobile leaked the ROM earlier, released two ROM’s for the said Galaxy device. The report said that “after two custom ROM’s from Samsung, Samsung has finally started making official ROM’s for the Galaxy S II based on Android 4.0.1.”

The website said that the first released version is I9100XXKP4/OXAKP4 and the follow up version is I9100XXKP8/OXAKP8. The first one is based on Android 4.0.1 and was developed on the 20th of December the previous year. While the latest one is based on Android 4.0.3 and was built last December 30, 2011.

IntoMobile said that these ROM’s have been leaked as final version of the up coming update and it is available through Samsung KIES Android connectivity software. This is not an update update and they are unsure if every S II will have the Ice cream Sandwich upgrade since the KIES software is not available in all markets.

Warning: Just like other leaked ROM’s, try to proceed with caution.

Samsung to release a cheaper Galaxy handset

Good news for cash strapped individuals out there who wants to own a Samsung Android device. Reports have been circulating that the Korean brand is set to release an entry level version of their Samsung Galaxy S3.
An unnamed source said that the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy Android is going to have an 8GB capacity and is more affordable than its brothers.
The report also noted that this unreleased Galaxy Android will be pitted against the iPhone 4 8GB model.
The decision to release a much cheaper smartphone is said to be because Samsung clients have voiced-out their opinion regarding the pricing of their devices which caused some individuals to choose to buy Apple’s iPhone instead of getting a Galaxy.
It is said that the cheaper version of the Galaxy will be released in the second quarter of this year. It features a micro SD card slot and an 8GB capacity. It also carries with it a quad-core technology, the Super AMOLED screen and the latest OS of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich.
Reports also indicate that it has a 12MP camera.
Not bad at all.
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