Apple and Samsung calls a truce

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To the patent war outside the US, that is.

This news still comes as a big welcome however, as the world has been a witness to the never-ending infringement cases that they have been throwing at each other for years.

The two technology giants have announced in a joint statement that they are withdrawing all ongoing legal proceedings on their outstanding patent litigations outside US. Currently, both companies are locked in patent wars in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Australia. On the other hand, all high-profile infringement cases in the US for both Apple and Samsung are still proceeding.

It can be recalled that Apple first filed a lawsuit against Samsung in 2011 for copying the features of the iPhone into their Galaxy smartphones. The South Korean giant then fired back and sued Apple for using pieces of its wireless-transmission technology without permission.

Is this a sign that there will finally be peace between these two giants? With higher demands and a tighter marketplace for smartphones, we highly think this war is far from over.