Galaxy Note 10.1 beats the new iPad in reparability


Are you the type that keeps breaking stuff? Do you abuse your daily belongings to the point where your devices are left full of scratches? Are you the type that knows that is clumsy, and always seeks a protective cover for the devices to protect them from damage?

If you are, then getting the new iPad may not be in your best interest, unless you get a really good protector for it. Instead, the iFixit team recommends the Galaxy Note 10.1 for sheer reparability.

The iFixit team is noted to be one of the experts in tearing down today’s popular gadgets so they can show the world the innards of your device. They aim to determine which parts can be fixed or replaced or which parts are deemed irreparable. They are better noted for tear downs of MACs, iPads, iPhones, iPods, and PCs. They then rate the reparability of the devices they take down. Their website is then filled with comprehensive shots and instructions on how to do it all yourself.

standard image 1They also rank the reparability of the devices they take down, in which case the new iPad only scored a measly 2/10 thanks to the fact that the iPad is full of glued up parts, including the battery.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 on the other hand received a whopping 8/10, detailing how almost everything can be repaired or replaced easily compared to the Apple iPad. The iFixit team details how impressed they were of the combination of the screws and clips, making it just child proof, but not adult proof.

The iFixit team was met with a lot of cables in the device, which usually translates to better reparability, due to easier access to the individual parts and gives a plus for easy replacements and repairs.

Almost each part can be removed when the case is taken out, so each part can just be replaced or fixed individually, including all 3 parts of the Galaxy Note 10.1’s front and back camera.

first imageThe best part to note about the Galaxy Note 10.1 is that the LCD and the Glass cover can easily be separated and can be repaired separately, meaning if you crack the glass on your precious Galaxy Note 10.1, you can easily replace just the glass, making the repairs cheaper. Apart from the display, the iFixit team also notes how easy it is to replace the battery, which can easily be removed.

It looks like they had fun taking it out for the most part. You can now rest assured that if you get the Galaxy Tab 10.1, it won’t be a headache at all to take it apart and repair it yourself. It also means that Samsung themselves won’t have a hard time repairing your beloved device. Do take heed that you shouldn’t try this unless you absolutely must, and make sure you get the proper tools for taking it apart.

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