Samsung to release a cheaper Galaxy handset

Good news for cash strapped individuals out there who wants to own a Samsung Android device. Reports have been circulating that the Korean brand is set to release an entry level version of their Samsung Galaxy S3.
An unnamed source said that the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy Android is going to have an 8GB capacity and is more affordable than its brothers.
The report also noted that this unreleased Galaxy Android will be pitted against the iPhone 4 8GB model.
The decision to release a much cheaper smartphone is said to be because Samsung clients have voiced-out their opinion regarding the pricing of their devices which caused some individuals to choose to buy Apple’s iPhone instead of getting a Galaxy.
It is said that the cheaper version of the Galaxy will be released in the second quarter of this year. It features a micro SD card slot and an 8GB capacity. It also carries with it a quad-core technology, the Super AMOLED screen and the latest OS of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich.
Reports also indicate that it has a 12MP camera.
Not bad at all.


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