Samsung sales up during the previous quarter

Samsung third quarter sales upDespite losing a court battle to Apple in the United States, South Korean tech firm Samsung has posted a record profit during the third quarter of 2012.

With Samsung’s numbers increasingly growing due to strong sales from their smartphones and tablets, they are set to hit a high in profit sales.

According to a regulatory filing by Samsung for July-September, their operating income doubled to about $7.3 billion.

Samsung shares rose by .2% in Seoul, as the company is set to announce their quarter results, including breakdown for each division and net income any time this month.

But analysts said that Samsung will have difficulty in increasing the sales during the last quarter of the year, since the former saw a decrease in marketing spending.

According to Nomura Securities, Samsung was able to sell 60 million devices in the three months before October. This included 18 million units of Galaxy S IIIs. During the span of April-June, Samsung was able to sell 50 million units.

The success that the Galaxy S III generated contributed greatly to the sales of Samsung.

According to IBK Securities analysts Lee Seung-woo, “Smartphones are the driving force behind the record-high profit.”

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Samsung Galaxy S IV in the works?

Here comes the rumor mill once again.

A Samsung Galaxy S IV in the works?

Well, according to South Korean paper Korea Times, the Galaxy S IV will sport a 5 inch screen bigger than its predecessors 4.8 inch display.

Not only that, but rumors have it that the Galaxy S IV will be launched at next year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

According to someone who deals with Samsung on a day to day basis, changes are forthcoming and the majority of them will come from the inside, although there will be minor changes from the way that the Galaxy S III looks.

“The S IV will see some external changes but retain its popular rectangular shape with rounded corner concept,” he said.

The rumor comes as Apple saw a very successful iPhone 5 launch. According to Samsung representative, the Galaxy S III has already hit the 20 million mark.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV will also support LTE networks and will have Samsung’s Exynos and Qualcomm snapdragon processors. But the latter depends on the country that the device is released.

Is this another rumor that Samsung is only spreading to extinguish the Apple craze?

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Samsung Galaxy S III sells over 20 million units since its release

Although the smoke has cleared between the war waged by Apple and Samsung in a US court, the two still have a lot of ammunitions left to instigate another battle.

Though the South Korean tech firm lost to the American brand, Samsung has found solace to the fact that their Samsung Galaxy S III has eclipsed the 20 million sales mark since it was launched a few months ago.

In Europe, about 6 million units have been sold in retail stores across the continent. While in Asia, 4.5 million Galaxy S III units have flown off the shelves. In North America, about 4 million units have been bought.

According to Samsung, “Galaxy S III… is being sold three times faster than the previous Galaxy S III and six times faster than the first version of Galaxy S.”

The Samsung Galaxy S III features face-recognition ability, improved voice activated controls, a very powerful processor and enables users to multi task by allowing them to write emails and watch video simultaneously.

Samsung is set to lose a billion dollars as an American court ruled that they infringed some of Apple’s patents. But other courts outside the US have rejected Apple’s claims with regards to Samsung’s patent infringement.

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Samsung Galaxy S III sales nearing 40 millions

Korean tech firm Samsung has seen a lot of highs and lows this year. But the highlight for Samsung is clearly the success that they achieved with their Galaxy S III device.

Need more proof that the latest Galaxy device has worked wonders for Samsung?

Well, Chief of Information Technology and Mobile Communication for Samsung, Shin Jong Kyun, confirmed that the Galaxy S III is nearing its predicted 40 million sales for the whole of 2012.

Samsung had high hopes for the S III. They even went as far as predicting that they will be able to hit the 10 million sales mark by August.
Now, that estimate seems to be very humble, as Samsung soared away from that number.

Analysts peg that 190,000 Galaxy S IIIs are sold each day all over the world.

The success that the Samsung Galaxy S III has overshadowed the success of its predecessor, the Galaxy S II. The latter reached the 10 million sales mark, five months after its release. A number of critics though have blasted Samsung, saying that the actual number of Galaxy S III devices sold isn’t the one that they are releasing. They say that Samsung releases the number of units shipped and not the ones that are actually being sold in the market.

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Galaxy S III: The key for Samsung for world domination

The modern day pancakes, that is the Samsung Galaxy S III, is making the company far more richer as one analysis firm is saying that Samsung has sold quite a number of Galaxy S IIIs during the second quarter of this year.

According to Les Echos, JPMorgan says that Samsung has sold 6.5 million units of Galaxy S III devices during the period from April-June of 2012.

A lot of insiders, even before the launch of the “iPhone killer”, have said that the Galaxy S III could be the top device to come out of the pipelines of companies this year. It seems that they haven’t made a mistake.

Before the launch of the Galaxy S III, the huge number of pre-orders that were rumored and the high expectations of Samsung to their flagship phone have added to the curiosity of individuals. Samsung even said that they expect to sell 10 million units by the end of July.

Analysts have added that Samsung could easily break the 10 million mark they set by the end of this month. Some even estimate that Samsung can sell 15 million units by third quarter of 2012.

With this, Samsung clearly is the top phone manufacturer when we speak about Androids.

Have you shifted to the Galaxy S III already?

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Samsung: Galaxy S III to sell 10 million units by July

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has high hopes that their sales of the Galaxy S III will surpass the 10 million units sold by next month. Samsung expressed optimism, even as the company is struggling to keep up with the high demand, due to shortage of components.

Samsung president for mobile communications business, Shin Jong-Kyun, was positive that Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III, will be able to hit the milestone, but also said that it has been tough to keep up with the high demand.

Samsung’s problem to get the necessary components for the Galaxy S III has raised concerns, regarding smartphone sales during the second quarter of the year. Some are even expecting that sales for this quarter could be much lower, due to the component problem.

Shin added, “Despite the tough economic situation in Europe and problems with supplying components for the Galaxy S III, the second-quarter earnings will be better than the first quarter.”

The Galaxy S III went on sale in Europe last month, while the smartphone was released in the US just last week.

Samsung says that the S III will be released by nearly 300 mobile carriers around the globe by July.

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