Samsung Galaxy S III sales nearing 40 millions


Korean tech firm Samsung has seen a lot of highs and lows this year. But the highlight for Samsung is clearly the success that they achieved with their Galaxy S III device.

Need more proof that the latest Galaxy device has worked wonders for Samsung?

Well, Chief of Information Technology and Mobile Communication for Samsung, Shin Jong Kyun, confirmed that the Galaxy S III is nearing its predicted 40 million sales for the whole of 2012.

Samsung had high hopes for the S III. They even went as far as predicting that they will be able to hit the 10 million sales mark by August.
Now, that estimate seems to be very humble, as Samsung soared away from that number.

Analysts peg that 190,000 Galaxy S IIIs are sold each day all over the world.

The success that the Samsung Galaxy S III has overshadowed the success of its predecessor, the Galaxy S II. The latter reached the 10 million sales mark, five months after its release. A number of critics though have blasted Samsung, saying that the actual number of Galaxy S III devices sold isn’t the one that they are releasing. They say that Samsung releases the number of units shipped and not the ones that are actually being sold in the market.

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