Samsung Galaxy S IV in the works?

Galaxy S IV

Galaxy S IV Here comes the rumor mill once again.

A Samsung Galaxy S IV in the works?

Well, according to South Korean paper Korea Times, the Galaxy S IV will sport a 5 inch screen bigger than its predecessors 4.8 inch display.

Not only that, but rumors have it that the Galaxy S IV will be launched at next year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

According to someone who deals with Samsung on a day to day basis, changes are forthcoming and the majority of them will come from the inside, although there will be minor changes from the way that the Galaxy S III looks.

“The S IV will see some external changes but retain its popular rectangular shape with rounded corner concept,” he said.

The rumor comes as Apple saw a very successful iPhone 5 launch. According to Samsung representative, the Galaxy S III has already hit the 20 million mark.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV will also support LTE networks and will have Samsung’s Exynos and Qualcomm snapdragon processors. But the latter depends on the country that the device is released.

Is this another rumor that Samsung is only spreading to extinguish the Apple craze?

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