Galaxy S III: The key for Samsung for world domination


The modern day pancakes, that is the Samsung Galaxy S III, is making the company far more richer as one analysis firm is saying that Samsung has sold quite a number of Galaxy S IIIs during the second quarter of this year.

According to Les Echos, JPMorgan says that Samsung has sold 6.5 million units of Galaxy S III devices during the period from April-June of 2012.

A lot of insiders, even before the launch of the “iPhone killer”, have said that the Galaxy S III could be the top device to come out of the pipelines of companies this year. It seems that they haven’t made a mistake.

Before the launch of the Galaxy S III, the huge number of pre-orders that were rumored and the high expectations of Samsung to their flagship phone have added to the curiosity of individuals. Samsung even said that they expect to sell 10 million units by the end of July.

Analysts have added that Samsung could easily break the 10 million mark they set by the end of this month. Some even estimate that Samsung can sell 15 million units by third quarter of 2012.

With this, Samsung clearly is the top phone manufacturer when we speak about Androids.

Have you shifted to the Galaxy S III already?

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