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Welcome to Mixer Season 2

Today, we embark upon the next major evolution of Mixer…. a journey we’re calling “Season 2.” We’re specifically calling it a Season because it’s not just a one-day thing. Season 2 reflects the living, breathing nature of Mixer with new experiences and new things to try all the time. As part of Season 2, we’re continuing to grow and refine our existing experiences with new video capabilities for streaming and viewing. And then we’re also investing in three big new areas: expression, supporting creators through new monetization opportunities, and strengthening streamer communities. Excited? Us too! Let’s take a deeper look at what’s coming today and on the horizon for Season 2…

Internet divided over iPhone ‘clue’

Apple unveiled the biggest revamp to the iPad since its launch – with the screen covering the whole front of the gadget. The iPad Pro also now has Face ID, so users can unlock it and approve purchases just by looking at it, instead of the fingerprint scanner. Apple said new, bigger “brains” mean it is more powerful than nine in ten PCs – despite being in a super-slim case just 5.9mm thick.

WhatsApp ads are coming to its ‘Status’ stories

WhatsApp ads are coming. After being free to use for years, details are starting to come out about just how Facebook will monetize WhatsApp, the popular mobile messaging app it purchased for $19 billion in 2014. According to India’s The Economic Times, WhatsApp vice president Chris Daniels revealed that the company is going to start putting ads in the “Status” feature of the app.

The internet is going wild over this new emoji: What does it mean?

Is it scratching an itch? Does it represent bad Botox? Perhaps it’s your reaction to an awful pickup line. A new emoji with an uneven face and rosy cheeks is driving the internet wild. One eye is open, one eyebrow is slightly furrowed, and the mouth is doing something pretty inexplicable. According to the Emojipdia, the go-to blog about emoji, this Woozy Face digital expression represents the state of being tired and emotional (aka drunk), but people on the internet seem to think it represents a wide range of other occurrences…

Flickr revamps under SmugMug with new limits on free accounts, unlimited storage for Pros

Flickr is making some big changes, following its acquisition by SmugMug earlier this year. The company announced this week it’s addressing a series of issues on the site, including spam, customer support and use of the Yahoo login, for example. But more notably, it’s also revamping its account structure to impose increased limits for free users, while rolling out unlimited storage for Pro subscribers.

Shroud completely breaks Blackout while trying to catch a supply drop with a helicopter

The streamer was trying to catch a supply drop in midair using a helicopter he was piloting, with Skadoodle, just9n and anythING directing him on how to steer the helicopter so it would be directly underneath the falling package. Shroud was able to position the helicopter perfectly, with the supply drop landing neatly on top of the helicopter. Unfortunately, instead of sitting on top of the vehicle, it began to drag the helicopter down to the ground, and Grzesiek could only watch in horror as he was pushed through the map and into an abyss below.

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Flickr Acquired by Photo Hosting Company SmugMug

SmugMug’s CEO promises to breathe a new life to the dying social media pioneer.

Professional photo hosting service SmugMug has purchased Flickr in a deal which closed this week. USA Today first broke the news of the acquisition for an undisclosed amount.

Founded in 2004, Flickr is one of the social media pioneers. Before the rise of Facebook and Instagram in the smartphone era, Flickr was THE place to share photos while others commented.

Despite being overshadowed by the competition, the site still managed to hold on to a loyal following of photographers. Currently, the image and video hosting website has 75 million registered photographers and 100 million unique users.

SmugMug on the other hand is a much smaller, family-run company which started in 2002. As a photo hosting website, it won over its users with focus on photography and personal touch. Unlike free photo hosting services that rely on ads and user date, the company offers four subscription categories, all of which are paid but secure.

“Flickr is an amazing community, full of some of the world’s most passionate photographers. It’s a fantastic product and a beloved brand, MacAskill told USA today. “Flickr has survived through thick-and-thin and is core to the entire fabric of the Internet.”

Yahoo first bought Flickr in 2005 for $35 million. Even when the search giant tried offering new services and doing redesigns, it was never able to fully revive it. Verizon bought Yahoo last year but it was not clear what the plans for Flickr was going to be.

SmugMug plans to keep Flickr as a standalone community with better resources. Hopefully, under the SmugMug’s umbrella, they will “together represent the world’s most influential photographer-centric community”.

Receive printed photos of your images at your doorstep

Fujifilm used to be a household name when it comes to films for cameras. Due to the popularity of memory cards nowadays, Fujifilm and other film producing companies have seen a decline in their sales and some have been forced to close shop.

But Fujifilm is now back on the limelight.

Fujifilm and Walgreens have developed a system, wherein smartphone users can instantly send their photos directly from their devices to integrate print ordering directly from their photo-related apps.

The two companies launched APIs just this week. The two will be teaming up with app developers to enable their subscribers to send prints from their smartphones to the services and let the former receive by picking it up at the nearest Walgreens store or via mail (Fujifilm).

During the last two years, people have seen a decline in digital camera sales due to popularity of smartphones. Photo sharing and social networking sites such as Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others have flocked the web to provide service for photo enthusiasts.

That is where Fujifilm and Walgreens would like to dive into with the APIs.

Product manager for Fujifilm North America said, “One of the things we see is that there are quite a few editing apps out there for images that are on your mobile phone. Customers are spending a lot of time editing those images, so it’s clear they are important to them. We think those images should be printed; we think there’s something about that tangible aspect that viewing on a smartphone screen can’t match.”

Get ready to print your images!

Image Source: quickiphoneapps.com

Flickr set to unveil new way to upload photos

Fans of the poplar photo sharing site Flickr will be pleased upon hearing the news that they have added a new uploading interface that promises to be much more convenient and faster than the old way.

The new technology they are using is the HTML 5. This means that members can now select for uploading by dragging the photos you want to your browser. That’s how simple it is.

Supported browsers are Chrome 6, Safari 5, Firefox 8 and above. If you have an outdated browser, you better update to the latest one to enjoy this upgrade.

This makes life easier for Flickr members as they would only need to drag and drop. An aim for this update is to make sorting of images into sets easier.

The photo sharing site also claims that is has managed to pull off a 20-30 percent increase in upload speed. International users on the other hand may enjoy a 50-60 percent increase. They have also increased the uploadable file limit to 50MB for Pro users and 30MB for free users.

These changes will be felt in the upcoming weeks to come.

It was just last February that Flickr revamped its main interface. So expect for a bigger and better photo sharing experience.

Image Source: dailygalaxy.com

Flickr iPhone app update, still no iPad app

Great news for Flickr followers. The photo management and sharing application magnate has just released an update to its iPhone app. This will make batch uploading easier and making UI tweaks.

But Flickr still has issues hounding them involving their reluctance to develop for new platforms. It took the company more than a year to develop an iPhone app. It took them about the same time to issue an app for Android.

So what’s keeping them waiting for an app for the iPad? One of the highest selling tablets in the market today has no Flickr app yet. And with rumors circulating about a new iPad on the works, with a higher resolution and can carry photoshop, what is Flickr waiting for?

There are apps for the iPad out there. The FlickStackr, which looks nice and appears functional and the latest the Lens.ly, which was only launched today. Still, Flickr should have owned this market.

Flickr isn’t Facebook or Myspace. But a lot of individuals are using it because they like the service. They like the idea of importing shots from their camera directly.

If rumors about the latest iPad are true, then photography enthusiasts would surely ride on Apple’s new iPad. This would certainly be a niche that Flickr can strike.

Image Credit: CNET/Rick Broida

Roku adds Facebook, Flickr, Pandora and 7 others

Following their announcement late last month, set-top box maker Roku  announces 10 new content channels available in their newly-launched Channel Store.

For those who are not familiar with Roku, this is the company that makes a wireless device that allows content to be streamed directly to any TV screen from the web.

In addition to the existing three channels: Netflix, Amazon and MLB.TV, users now have access to channels including Facebook Photos, Flickr, TWiT, Blip.tv, FrameChannel,  Motionbox, Mobile Tribe, Pandora, Media Fly and Revision 3 – all for free.

Sorted by “new”, “most popular” and “top-rated”, users can choose which apps they would want to appear in the homescreen in the Channel Store. All current users of Roku can automatically access the app store once it becomes available over the next two weeks. New users of Roku will have to sign up for a free account to be able to avail of the service.

And don’t think they’ll stop there too. Representatives from Roku assured users that this is just the start. There will be more content channels constantly added starting now until the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10402856-1.html

People tagging now on Flickr

Credit: Yahoo/CNet

Facebook isn’t the only one that knows how to tag people.

Flickr, a popular image-hosting Web site that allows users share personal photographs, has added a new feature that’ll surely make it better for its users.

The Yahoo-owned company finally decided that its high-time to integrate their notes feature and tagging tools for photographs with people.

Users who want to tag their friends on Flickr have two options to do so. They can tag a person by typing a person’s name or email in the “People in this photo” or they can draw a bounding box on the person’s face, just like when creating a note so when uses mouse over a photo, they can see who a person is by what box they are in.

Unlike Facebook’s tagging feature than allows all your friend’s to tag you, Flickr gives you the option to disallow anyone from tagging you in photos.

Hmmn, I know Facebook and Flickr aren’t competitors so I can’t actually compare them, but wouldn’t it be cool if Facebook had that feature too? I know I’d be the first to use that. 😉

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-27076_3-10380437-248.html


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