Receive printed photos of your images at your doorstep


Fujifilm used to be a household name when it comes to films for cameras. Due to the popularity of memory cards nowadays, Fujifilm and other film producing companies have seen a decline in their sales and some have been forced to close shop.

But Fujifilm is now back on the limelight.

Fujifilm and Walgreens have developed a system, wherein smartphone users can instantly send their photos directly from their devices to integrate print ordering directly from their photo-related apps.

The two companies launched APIs just this week. The two will be teaming up with app developers to enable their subscribers to send prints from their smartphones to the services and let the former receive by picking it up at the nearest Walgreens store or via mail (Fujifilm).

During the last two years, people have seen a decline in digital camera sales due to popularity of smartphones. Photo sharing and social networking sites such as Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others have flocked the web to provide service for photo enthusiasts.

That is where Fujifilm and Walgreens would like to dive into with the APIs.

Product manager for Fujifilm North America said, “One of the things we see is that there are quite a few editing apps out there for images that are on your mobile phone. Customers are spending a lot of time editing those images, so it’s clear they are important to them. We think those images should be printed; we think there’s something about that tangible aspect that viewing on a smartphone screen can’t match.”

Get ready to print your images!

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