Roku adds Facebook, Flickr, Pandora and 7 others


Roku Channel Store

Following their announcement late last month, set-top box maker Roku announces 10 new content channels available in their newly-launched Channel Store.

For those who are not familiar with Roku, this is the company that makes a wireless device that allows content to be streamed directly to any TV screen from the web.

In addition to the existing three channels: Netflix, Amazon and MLB.TV, users now have access to channels including Facebook Photos, Flickr, TWiT,, FrameChannel, Motionbox, Mobile Tribe, Pandora, Media Fly and Revision 3 – all for free.

Sorted by “new”, “most popular” and “top-rated”, users can choose which apps they would want to appear in the homescreen in the Channel Store. All current users of Roku can automatically access the app store once it becomes available over the next two weeks. New users of Roku will have to sign up for a free account to be able to avail of the service.

And don’t think they’ll stop there too. Representatives from Roku assured users that this is just the start. There will be more content channels constantly added starting now until the Consumer Electronics Show in January.