People tagging now on Flickr

Credit: Yahoo/CNet
Credit: Yahoo/CNet

Facebook isn’t the only one that knows how to tag people.

Flickr, a popular image-hosting Web site that allows users share personal photographs, has added a new feature that’ll surely make it better for its users.

The Yahoo-owned company finally decided that its high-time to integrate their notes feature and tagging tools for photographs with people.

Users who want to tag their friends on Flickr have two options to do so. They can tag a person by typing a person’s name or email in the “People in this photo” or they can draw a bounding box on the person’s face, just like when creating a note so when uses mouse over a photo, they can see who a person is by what box they are in.

Unlike Facebook’s tagging feature than allows all your friend’s to tag you, Flickr gives you the option to disallow anyone from tagging you in photos.

Hmmn, I know Facebook and Flickr aren’t competitors so I can’t actually compare them, but wouldn’t it be cool if Facebook had that feature too? I know I’d be the first to use that. 😉