Flickr iPhone app update, still no iPad app


Great news for Flickr followers. The photo management and sharing application magnate has just released an update to its iPhone app. This will make batch uploading easier and making UI tweaks.

But Flickr still has issues hounding them involving their reluctance to develop for new platforms. It took the company more than a year to develop an iPhone app. It took them about the same time to issue an app for Android.

So what’s keeping them waiting for an app for the iPad? One of the highest selling tablets in the market today has no Flickr app yet. And with rumors circulating about a new iPad on the works, with a higher resolution and can carry photoshop, what is Flickr waiting for?

There are apps for the iPad out there. The FlickStackr, which looks nice and appears functional and the latest the, which was only launched today. Still, Flickr should have owned this market.

Flickr isn’t Facebook or Myspace. But a lot of individuals are using it because they like the service. They like the idea of importing shots from their camera directly.

If rumors about the latest iPad are true, then photography enthusiasts would surely ride on Apple’s new iPad. This would certainly be a niche that Flickr can strike.

Image Credit: CNET/Rick Broida