Flickr set to unveil new way to upload photos


Fans of the poplar photo sharing site Flickr will be pleased upon hearing the news that they have added a new uploading interface that promises to be much more convenient and faster than the old way.

The new technology they are using is the HTML 5. This means that members can now select for uploading by dragging the photos you want to your browser. That’s how simple it is.

Supported browsers are Chrome 6, Safari 5, Firefox 8 and above. If you have an outdated browser, you better update to the latest one to enjoy this upgrade.

This makes life easier for Flickr members as they would only need to drag and drop. An aim for this update is to make sorting of images into sets easier.

The photo sharing site also claims that is has managed to pull off a 20-30 percent increase in upload speed. International users on the other hand may enjoy a 50-60 percent increase. They have also increased the uploadable file limit to 50MB for Pro users and 30MB for free users.

These changes will be felt in the upcoming weeks to come.

It was just last February that Flickr revamped its main interface. So expect for a bigger and better photo sharing experience.

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