#222 Cyberpunk 2077 World Map Leaked!

Question is, is this the official world map or a fake leak? Let’s find out!

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#127 Microsoft Looking At Big Changes In Windows 11

In a recent interview, Microsoft’s VP covered some very interesting yet vague “Modern OS” points. It’s leading many to believe that some details may have been dropped about Windows 11 that we hope to hear about in several months or so.

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Microsoft Adds More AI-powered Updates To Bing, Cortana, Office 365

Tech giant Microsoft announced earlier this week that it would release AI-based updates for its products. The news comes after the Gates-owned company revealed such plan at a press event in San Francisco this month.

Microsoft users of Office 365 productivity suite as well as the cloud computing service Azure will surely get the AI-based updates. Apart from this, other Microsoft products that will likely get the update are the Bing search engine, and the Cortana virtual assistant, among others.

Updates to improve search experience?

So what will Microsoft users expect with the upcoming updates? One of the services that will improve because of the update is how the search engine works. The update is expected to bring a comprehensive and complete information. The culled information will be based on the queries posted by the users.

Microsoft claims that the improved comprehensive search results are possible thru the company’s AI-powered Intelligent Search platforms. One of these platforms is the Intelligent Answers where in it uses the company’s reading comprehension features.

Using the Intelligent Answers, it gives a complete and confident users to queries asked by Microsoft users. The tech company even claims that its search engine, Bing is now using a deep neural networks. The purpose of which is to validate answers that are sourced from various sources.

What’s with Cortana?

Apart from Microsoft search engine, Bing, its virtual assistant Cortana will have new and innovative features. These features are likely to improve Cortana’s functionality. With the upcoming update, Cortana now can do tasks like sorting emails, providing a summary of notes.

Next, to sorting emails, Cortana also will sport a feature called “skills chaining.” This feature works by providing users with a unique skill that links Cortana’s action that will prompt the user.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Word will also have Acronyms as a new feature that will help users understand shorthand using the MS Word program, among others.

Amazon partners with Bing as their default web browser

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has been lagging behind the search engine wars. Now, the company is on the offensive after they told Mashable that they have inked a deal with Amazon to be Kindle Fire HD’s default Web browser.

The deal was only finalized a few days ago according to general manager of communications and influencer marketing of Bing Adam Sohn. This makes Bing the default engine of the Kindle Fire HD and the new Kindle Fire tablets, though users can opt to change their default browser preference.

Amazon is the second company to have a tie-up with Microsoft. Research In Motion was the first company to have a deal with Microsoft. RIM will power search and maps of BlackBerry phones from then on.

Bing has slowly but surely gained market share. Bing is currently used by individuals 15.6% when they search something online.

Microsoft has been losing money on their online services division and Bing is a big part of it. Instead of cutting the lifeline of Bing, Microsoft is trying to revamp and rejuvenate the fledging search engine.

It may take a while, but this partnership could eventually lead to more usage of Bing.

Do you think that Microsoft did the right decision in maintaining Bing?

Image Source: allthingsd.com

Opera and Google extend partnership for two more years

Google would like to cement their lead in the search engine market and further increase the lead they have with other competitors such as Yahoo and Bing.

With this goal, Google has been eyeing tie-ups with other browsers, even if they have their own in Google Chrome. Google and Opera have agreed to extend their partnership two more years making Google the default search engine on Opera and its Web browser. They started their alliance last 2009 and the two will be teaming up until August 2014.

According to StatCounter, Opera owns just a small piece of the browser market. Chrome on the other hand is one of the leading browsers out there. So why did Google extend their partnership with Opera?

Some say it’s because Opera still has their loyal clientele and Google wants to have them use their search engine. At the same time, Opera’s mobile browser is still popular in some sectors.

Google has also teamed up with Mozilla Firefox to be the latter’s default search engine. Mozilla Firefox is an open source browser. Mozilla is eyeing an entry in the OS business soon.

Have you tried using Opera on your PC or the Opera Mini on your mobile?

Image Source: ubuntusite.com

Bing Maps completes major upgrade

Google maps has long been considered as the top of its class. But Microsoft is trying to change that when they upgraded Bing, which now boasts of a 165 terabyte satellite shots of locations throughout the globe.

This is the largest data release ever for Bing and Microsoft. Bing used to only have 129 TB of data.

Bing said in a blog post, “This release features imagery over North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. The total area covered in this data release is nearly 38 million square kilometers.”

Google Maps have long been used by individuals who would want to have a birds-eye-view of any point in the world. Though it clearly needs updates, the former still is usable and can still properly guide you through busy city streets.

With the upgrade on Bing, Microsoft is poised to become a major rival for Google. But can they overtake Google’s lead in this market?

The data released by Bing in their latest update includes photography taken from satellites and aircraft.

According to Bing, the company has completed 100% percent of aerial photography of the US and they are planning to finish the whole of Europe by the end of the year.

The Global Ortho Photography on Bing Maps covers approximately 9.54 million square kilometers of the world.

Care to try out Bing Maps?

Image Source: big-maps-3d.en.softonic.com

Microsoft’s msnNOW tracks latest Web buzz thru Bing

Trying to invigorate and wanting to gain fame through national conversation, Microsoft launches its latest service called the msnNow. This service collates the most shared content on the web and places it on a new Web site, mobile phone browsers and Facebook reader.

This service uses algorithms created by the company to scour through Facebook, Twitter, Bing and Breakingnews.com to get the most shared articles in real time.

According to Bob Visse, General Manager of MSN, “We’re taking the hottest, socially trending conversations on the web and surfacing them.”

In some instances, in-house editors will annotate the pieces and editing them. If a story goes out and the editors thinks that its false, they’ll note it but still post the links. They will also pull out offensive content.

Visse added that, “This is for that younger generation that doesn’t spend more than five to ten minutes at a time info-snacking. We’re putting fuel on a conversation.”

MSN clearly trails over rivals Yahoo! and Google, still a lot of individuals still use the service. It has at least 520 million users around the globe who clicks on about 22 billion pages a month.

The service won’t have ads initially. But Microsoft is planning to sell them as the service becomes popular.

Image source: pcmag.com

Major Xbox update coming soon

Microsoft is jumping in the bandwagon and is bringing more diversity and flexibility into their Xbox consoles.

The update is said to transform the console into an entertainment hub, rather than just a gaming tool.

Forty media firms have already signed up with Microsoft to provide both live and on-demand news and TV services to its users.

The update also brings a new look and interface to the Xbox which will now sport the Metro look. This look is based on “tiles” which are lumped together based on their content and placed under different headings.

Another feature brought about by the update will let users control their TVs by talking into the Kinect motion-spotting gadgets. James McQuivey from Forrester Research says this feature will help Microsoft differentiate the Xbox from rivals such as cable TV, Google and Apple .

Bing, the company’s search engine, will now also be available on the Xbox and will allow users to search content available in the tiles.

The major update for Microsoft’s Xbox is expected to roll out on December 6, Tuesday, around the world.

Now, would you want this gadget on your stocking this Christmas? 🙂

Microsoft teams up with Twitter and Facebook

Yes, its confirmed. Microsoft’s newest search engine, Bing, will be bringing real-time search results from Twitter and eventually, Facebook. The announcement was made by search head Qi Lu and senior vice president usuf Mehdi at the Web 2.0 Summit in Francisco held today.

Real time tweets were available in beta from Twitter at Bing.com/twitter starting today. Facebook info will arrive “at a later date”, according to Mehdi.

So how does this work?

Users of the Bing Twitter search can view the tweets that match their query chronologically. They also have the option to view the results in “best match” mode where according to Medhi, Bing’s team will “apply a bunch of our search techniques and relevancy to improve the results.”

“You have to do more visual things, you have to do more sophisticated things, and you have to have better access to data,” Mehdi said.

Don’t expect to dig out deets regarding how much the deal cost Microsoft though coz if there was, Microsoft and Twitter are keeping mum about it. Facebook however, was quick to set the records straight. According Shery Sandberg, Facebook’s site’s chief operating officer, “no money changed hands” in its deal with Microsoft.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13577_3-10380306-36.html

Microsoft Bing coming to iPhone

Today, Microsoft released  an open source software developer kit that’ll make the lives of iPhone developers… uhm, at least those who want to build iPhone apps that can access Bing.

Using the kit, developers can create an app that searches Bing for Web info, news, videos, images and phonebook results. It can also be incorporated to apps for Macintosh computers.

There are already several apps that use Bing, but with this official SDK from Microsoft will make bring the search engine to more apps.

The default search engine for iPhone’s Safari browser, with an option to switch to Yahoo if they wish to.

Users who wants Bing have to type in the URL. This SDK eliminates that need.

Source: http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/170975/bing_coming_to_iphone_apps.html

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