Microsoft’s msnNOW tracks latest Web buzz thru Bing


Trying to invigorate and wanting to gain fame through national conversation, Microsoft launches its latest service called the msnNow. This service collates the most shared content on the web and places it on a new Web site, mobile phone browsers and Facebook reader.

This service uses algorithms created by the company to scour through Facebook, Twitter, Bing and to get the most shared articles in real time.

According to Bob Visse, General Manager of MSN, “We’re taking the hottest, socially trending conversations on the web and surfacing them.”

In some instances, in-house editors will annotate the pieces and editing them. If a story goes out and the editors thinks that its false, they’ll note it but still post the links. They will also pull out offensive content.

Visse added that, “This is for that younger generation that doesn’t spend more than five to ten minutes at a time info-snacking. We’re putting fuel on a conversation.”

MSN clearly trails over rivals Yahoo! and Google, still a lot of individuals still use the service. It has at least 520 million users around the globe who clicks on about 22 billion pages a month.

The service won’t have ads initially. But Microsoft is planning to sell them as the service becomes popular.

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