Opera and Google extend partnership for two more years


Google extends cooperation with Opera

Google would like to cement their lead in the search engine market and further increase the lead they have with other competitors such as Yahoo and Bing.

With this goal, Google has been eyeing tie-ups with other browsers, even if they have their own in Google Chrome. Google and Opera have agreed to extend their partnership two more years making Google the default search engine on Opera and its Web browser. They started their alliance last 2009 and the two will be teaming up until August 2014.

According to StatCounter, Opera owns just a small piece of the browser market. Chrome on the other hand is one of the leading browsers out there. So why did Google extend their partnership with Opera?

Some say it’s because Opera still has their loyal clientele and Google wants to have them use their search engine. At the same time, Opera’s mobile browser is still popular in some sectors.

Google has also teamed up with Mozilla Firefox to be the latter’s default search engine. Mozilla Firefox is an open source browser. Mozilla is eyeing an entry in the OS business soon.

Have you tried using Opera on your PC or the Opera Mini on your mobile?

Image Source: ubuntusite.com