Tech giant Microsoft announced earlier this week that it would release AI-based updates for its products. The news comes after the Gates-owned company revealed such plan at a press event in San Francisco this month.

Microsoft users of Office 365 productivity suite as well as the cloud computing service Azure will surely get the AI-based updates. Apart from this, other Microsoft products that will likely get the update are the Bing search engine, and the Cortana virtual assistant, among others.

Updates to improve search experience?

So what will Microsoft users expect with the upcoming updates? One of the services that will improve because of the update is how the search engine works. The update is expected to bring a comprehensive and complete information. The culled information will be based on the queries posted by the users.

Microsoft claims that the improved comprehensive search results are possible thru the company’s AI-powered Intelligent Search platforms. One of these platforms is the Intelligent Answers where in it uses the company’s reading comprehension features.

Using the Intelligent Answers, it gives a complete and confident users to queries asked by Microsoft users. The tech company even claims that its search engine, Bing is now using a deep neural networks. The purpose of which is to validate answers that are sourced from various sources.

What’s with Cortana?

Apart from Microsoft search engine, Bing, its virtual assistant Cortana will have new and innovative features. These features are likely to improve Cortana’s functionality. With the upcoming update, Cortana now can do tasks like sorting emails, providing a summary of notes.

Next, to sorting emails, Cortana also will sport a feature called “skills chaining.” This feature works by providing users with a unique skill that links Cortana’s action that will prompt the user.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Word will also have Acronyms as a new feature that will help users understand shorthand using the MS Word program, among others.