Latest Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

If you’re looking for new applications and kinda bored of what’s in your Android phone now, well, you might want to check these latest apps out!

Amazon Go

Addicted to online shopping but want to see the actual item first before purchasing? Dying to have a hassle-free shopping with less checkout lines? Amazon Go is what you need! Amazon officially launched Amazon Go this week. It’s a series of stores where you don’t need to wait on the stressful checkout lines. You will be charged automatically when you exit! Cool right? Just get the items you need from the shelves then you may leave the store. It’s not shoplifting guise, it’s Amazon Go! The stores offer a wide range of various products. From food, grocery items to similar stuff, Amazon Go will provide you. The app charges you when you leave the store and gives you a receipt afterwards. The app is pretty basic, however the experience is in the store itself. But remember, you may not be able to use the app if you’re not in the store. And the best thing here, the app is free!


Feel like wanting to punch someone in the face? Or just wanted some action type of game? You might want to consider Prizefighters. It’s a new boxing game with a touch of an old, retro style from arcade games back in 1990’s. It features a career mode with 29 different opponents, a skill tree with extra skills and abilities, and other customization features. This app is also free and you can enjoy it, anytime, anywhere. A perfect time-killer.

Plex VR

Plex VR is the popular media server’s latest app. It works a lot like normal Plex. But, it does everything in VR and even includes social features. It supports 180-degree and 360-degree videos. You may also need a Google Daydream headset to be able to use the app. But, it’s completely free!

Celestine Mars Explorer

Visiting Mars is quite hard and it might be just a dream for some. Want to experience it just using your Android phone? Download Celestine Mars Explorer to run as fast as you can and conquer Mars. Players use jetpack through various environments while avoiding obstacles, fighting bosses and dealing with other things. Missions use three star ratings for additional challenge. Not to mention, there are a lot of jetpacks to unlock. You may download it free with an in-app purchases.

PyeongChang 2018 Official App

If you can’t go to the PyeongChang 2018, you might want to try their official app to be updated of results and schedules. You may also view and read latest news directly from South Korea in the palm of your hands. In addition to that, there are also some fan interaction features as well as information for accommodations, tourism and other stuff. It’s very useful to both people who are going to the event or just staying at home. Good news is that the app is free with no in-app purchases.

You might want to enjoy those latest apps while you can!

Some New Android Apps That You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

Hello year 2018! Finally, the much-anticipated holiday is over and done. With a new year comes some new applications for our beloved android smartphones.

So, what are the apps that we should be waiting for?

Some New Apps That You Should Watch Out For

Gunstar Heroes

Priced under $2, this is considered as the latest SEGA Forever release. A platformer and classic side-scrolling shooter game, it features a story line, seven levels and some weapons as well as power ups.

The game is actually free because of advertising but you can remove ads by paying a certain amount. Crypto News

For those peeps who are into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, this is the app for you. It includes prices, value, market dominance and a lot more. For now, this app is free.

Portal Knights

This is a new RPG which was released last month. It features randomly generated 3D worlds, boss fights, RPG character progression, and even some crafting.


A free and new high profile app from Edward Snowden. It’s a security app for journalists, human rights activists and the like. When the app is activated, it uses its sensors to detect any movement or noise.

So have you ever downloaded any of the app found above?

Trend Micro: Apps can turn your Android devices to Zombies

Experts from security firm Trend Micro have issued a warning, regarding a possible zombie attack, not on humans, but on their smartphones.

Android owners were warned against installing apps that can turn their smartphones into zombies. Trend Micro said that they have detected a library file in many apps that has enough permission to command and control servers and can invoke process remotely. The file which they detected was the ANDROIDOS_BOTPANDA.A.

This malware is capable of concealing its identity. Once you install this app, the library file runs the zombie service from your Android device.

The file hides its identity by concealing its routines in the Android dynamic library. It also has the ability to remove its traces by changing file systems.

According to Trend Micro experts, “It eventually kills some processes, hooks inevitable system procedures, and replaces files to make detection and removal solutions infeasible. If more Android malware make use of this trick in the future, analyzing and delivering solutions would become extremely challengeable for security experts.”

Trend Micro experts are also on guard against zombie malware through third party app stores.

We might as well install apps that come from trusted sources, rather than just downloading and installing anything under the sun.

Be careful Android users, then!

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Apple’s iOS preferred by most app developers

Universally, Google’s Android is known to have the greater share on the smartphone market. But when we talk about having support from app developers, it is a different story.

According to data released by Flurry Analytics, seven out of ten apps that were created during the first quarter of this year were for the iOS platform. This is despite Android’s dominating the smartphone market, having 50.8% of the total smartphone market.

ComScore pegs Apple’s iOS share at 31.4%.

Steve Musil of CNET writes that Apple’s lead in this category is because of its dominance in the tablet market. Apple holds 88% of the tablet market during the first five months of 2012. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab only holds 9% followed by Amazon’s Kindle with 3%.

Flurry Analytics also noted that developers who create apps for Android earn four times more revenue than their Android counterparts.

Flurry said, “At the end of the day, developers run businesses, and businesses seek out markets where revenue opportunities are highest and the cost of building and distributing is lowest. In short, Android delivers less gain and more pain than iOS, which we believe is the key reason 7 out of every 10 apps built in the new economy are for iOS instead of Android.”

Is Google affected by this news?

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Android apps for Road Trips [LIST]

Android users celebrate! Android now comes with apps for road trips. Equipped with GPRS chips inside, Android gadgets will always keep you preoccupied with amusing activities when you are on the move too. With this intelligent chip inside, now you can get around faster that those around if you are an Android user.

Let us find out how:


Android treats its users with a grand new application that is absolutely free! This is nicknamed Wikitude, which basically acts as your personalized global travel guide. This application integrates the information supplied by the contributors at the Wikipedia and other such blogs and websites. These develop the knowledge base in order to supply you with all the travel related feedback of your surroundings. If you are inquisitive to know how the system works, we will inform you that the in-built GPRS system, movement sensor and compass provided with this app do the needful. These amalgamated systems judge your position in relation to your nearest landmark. Together with being your most trusted tourist guide this Android app also gives you thorough information of the history of a particular place.

Hotels Near Me

Once you land in a foreign land, it is perhaps the accommodation that comes first in your mind. You might certainly look dazed about finding the best hotel in the area and the offers it has. Android has lessened your tension to a great extend. The ‘Hotel Near Me’ app is offered to its users absolutely complementary. The GPRS chip installed inside your handset uploads in depth information of as many as 60,000 hotels within your proximity. It gives more vivid information of the particular hotel you prefer too.

This is accompanied with the pictures of the rooms, dining hall, balcony, toilet and other places within that hotel along with the rate packages needed you are supposed to spend for boarding. You can even book the hotel room straight from your Android species before you actually land up in that place! A counter email confirmation will follow your hotel selection and booking as a mark of acceptance by the
hotel authority.

Layar Reality Browser

This is another app for Android users, which acts almost in the similar concept as Wikitude. This is also a hi-fi augmented reality browser that displays various images connected to the place you are interested in. However, a greater detail is provided in the form of digital description as well, which appears at the header section of each of the image frames. The camera provided with your Android handset does the needful by capturing the image of the place and using the GPRS chip inside it to extract information connected to the site which you have captured in your mobile camera. You will have a bonus option of adding numerous layers to your clicked image and storing information obtained from various social networks and websites connected to the same in each of the layers.


This is perhaps the handiest app that for the “travel freaks”. Together with the provision of various technical and travel information regarding your preferred location, it also gives you feedback on real-time information such as nearest gas station, cheap gas supplies, movie theaters,
show timings, news headlines, restaurant recommendations and traffic conditions. The most appealing news about this app is that it is absolutely free. This all new personal travel guide of yours also lets you browse through the pages of Yellow Pages and Yelp Directory as well. The information in this app is also supported by real-time images.

Trip Journal

If you are an Android user, all you need to do is to pay a very nominal fee if $2.90 monthly for Trip Journal. You will be reciprocated back in the form of exact travel routes that connect with your preferred location. You can add customized place markings and notes too in the preferred location of the route plan. This app also gathers all the necessary statistics of your chosen location and also that the distance you have covered till now. These routes can also be shared with your friends and close ones by means of Google Earth or as picture information through Facebook or Picasa web album. But, if you are not interested to spend money on this app, you can use the free ‘lite version’ of the same. However, you will be exempted from the facility of sharing pictures in that case.

FXware Currency Guide

Money is utmost important wherever you go. But, the most pathetic condition appears when you have to sit back and calculate the exchange value of each and every penny you pay or get back while on a foreign tour. Android app lessens your agony in this case too. This app helps you to convert as many as 160 currencies of the world in just a few fractions of seconds. Moreover, the software is upgraded every other minute, which means that you will get the exact exchange rate. It also combines a portable travel guide along with, so that you are equipped with a ready reference of your destination too. There a handful of extra features in this app as well, such as tip calculator, quiz game on global exchange, Forex market updates and share market commentary. All these facilities come to you on your Android gadget for just $0.99!

Star Translate

If you are a global traveler and language becomes a major barrier for frequently, then it is time to get hold of Star Translate and end you language problem forever. This is a free app that comes with a translator and a dictionary so that you are never stuck when you are interacting with foreign delegates and language problem becomes an issue. You have the freedom to convert as many as 50 international languages. An in-built speaker translates whatever you say instantly, so that they create the right impact in the right place.

Android apps are definitely great measures that improve the experience of using the same manifold. But, these travel apps will be a blessing for those who are frequently on the move.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and autos. Beside this she is fond of fancy accessories. She is a tech freak and loves to write on her sites cellphonebeat and ecofriend.

Kaspersky Lab new release improves Android tablet security

Everybody wants to protect their gadgets from unscrupulous individuals who want to have a piece of your identity. Unfortunately, some of these hackers are smart enough to circumvent the defenses that your anti-virus gives you.

Established anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab has released a new version of its program to shield Android-based tablets from malware attacks that includes theft and identity loss.

This sounds like a good news since security firms and analysts have raised questions about the security of Android apps. Google has been trying to improve security in the Android market when they released Bounce. But the latter still can’t solve all issues because hackers still found ways to circumnavigate the system.

The Kaspersky Tablet Security features:

  • Remotely lock your missing tablet to secure your personal info
  • Remotely wipe your sensitive info from you tab
  • Remotely locate your lost or stolen tablet using GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi and Google Maps
  • Enable a feature to remotely activate the front-facing camera on your missing tablet and secretly send you pictures of whoever is using your device
  • Review logs of recent activities

Let’s just hope that this latest software can do all the things that they tell you. 🙂

Google teams up with Samsung, LG, Sony for smart TV

The top three TV makers in the world has just teamed up with Google in a bid to conquer a new and different market after it has successfully barged into the smartphone market with its Android.

With this new development, the Internet giant is going to release a “smart” television set at the CES in Vegas. Dubbed as the Google TV, it will empower its users by letting them connect to the Net and enjoy its services. It is due to be released in the first half or 2012.

Google is planning to use the same strategy for its TV business as what they used with their Android. The TV giants will make the sets based on Google’s Android software.

Market researcher Gartner said that the Android OS ranks first with a 52.5% share in the smartphone market during last year’s third quarter. Apple’s iOS had 15% share.

Google tried the TV market once when it partnered with Logitech and Sony. Unfortunately, this attempt failed as the partnership was not with the top TV developers in the market and American TV stations.

Now, Google’s latest gamble seems like a very sound decision. Not only are they partnering with three top tier companies, but they are also teaming up with Vizio. The company is also partnering with Marvell and Mediatech.

There are already 150 TV applications available and thousands of Android applications as well.

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