Google teams up with Samsung, LG, Sony for smart TV


The top three TV makers in the world has just teamed up with Google in a bid to conquer a new and different market after it has successfully barged into the smartphone market with its Android.

With this new development, the Internet giant is going to release a “smart” television set at the CES in Vegas. Dubbed as the Google TV, it will empower its users by letting them connect to the Net and enjoy its services. It is due to be released in the first half or 2012.

Google is planning to use the same strategy for its TV business as what they used with their Android. The TV giants will make the sets based on Google’s Android software.

Market researcher Gartner said that the Android OS ranks first with a 52.5% share in the smartphone market during last year’s third quarter. Apple’s iOS had 15% share.

Google tried the TV market once when it partnered with Logitech and Sony. Unfortunately, this attempt failed as the partnership was not with the top TV developers in the market and American TV stations.

Now, Google’s latest gamble seems like a very sound decision. Not only are they partnering with three top tier companies, but they are also teaming up with Vizio. The company is also partnering with Marvell and Mediatech.

There are already 150 TV applications available and thousands of Android applications as well.