Hello year 2018! Finally, the much-anticipated holiday is over and done. With a new year comes some new applications for our beloved android smartphones.

So, what are the apps that we should be waiting for?

Some New Apps That You Should Watch Out For

Gunstar Heroes

Priced under $2, this is considered as the latest SEGA Forever release. A platformer and classic side-scrolling shooter game, it features a story line, seven levels and some weapons as well as power ups.

The game is actually free because of advertising but you can remove ads by paying a certain amount.

Investing.com Crypto News

For those peeps who are into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, this is the app for you. It includes prices, value, market dominance and a lot more. For now, this app is free.

Portal Knights

This is a new RPG which was released last month. It features randomly generated 3D worlds, boss fights, RPG character progression, and even some crafting.


A free and new high profile app from Edward Snowden. It’s a security app for journalists, human rights activists and the like. When the app is activated, it uses its sensors to detect any movement or noise.

So have you ever downloaded any of the app found above?