Kaspersky Lab new release improves Android tablet security


Everybody wants to protect their gadgets from unscrupulous individuals who want to have a piece of your identity. Unfortunately, some of these hackers are smart enough to circumvent the defenses that your anti-virus gives you.

Established anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab has released a new version of its program to shield Android-based tablets from malware attacks that includes theft and identity loss.

This sounds like a good news since security firms and analysts have raised questions about the security of Android apps. Google has been trying to improve security in the Android market when they released Bounce. But the latter still can’t solve all issues because hackers still found ways to circumnavigate the system.

The Kaspersky Tablet Security features:

  • Remotely lock your missing tablet to secure your personal info
  • Remotely wipe your sensitive info from you tab
  • Remotely locate your lost or stolen tablet using GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi and Google Maps
  • Enable a feature to remotely activate the front-facing camera on your missing tablet and secretly send you pictures of whoever is using your device
  • Review logs of recent activities

Let’s just hope that this latest software can do all the things that they tell you. 🙂